Personalized Initial Princess Shirts

This weekend my friend LaToya and I took our girls to see the theater production of Princess And The Pea. I thought that it would be cute to make the girls personalized princess shirts with their initials. This is how they turned out…

The two princesses

How I made them:

1. I downloaded this font, Walrus Gumbo and increased the size of their initials in Word and printed it (I didn’t like the bottom loop of the “B” so I printed it twice, cut out the top loop on one of the copies and then taped it on to the bottom of the other “B”)

2. Ironed “Heat n Bond” to the back of the blue fabric (which was actually an old shirt of mine) and to the yellow fabric following the manufacture’s instructions

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3. Taped the printed letter ink side down to the paper side of the “Heat n Bond”

4. Cut out letter

5. Ironed onto shirt following manufacture’s instructions

6. Repeat steps 3-5 for crown

7. Sewed border around fabric to ensure it stays attached to the shirt. I used “invisible thread” (which looks just like fishing line) because I am not the best at sewing straight lines, around curves, etc…so I like to hide my stitches as much as possible!

**You could definitely add sew-on sequins or other embellishments but I am not always the biggest fan of bling so I left it off.

The girls thought the shirts were cute and were excited to be twins! 😉

All four of us girlies

Happy Sewing!


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  1. latoyah30 says:

    The shirts looked amazing on the girls! Good job Stephine

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