Personalized Koozies + Shaklee Sunscreen

Personalized koozies are great favors for parties or weddings, even end of the year teacher gifts! Change up the lettering and koozie color and your options are endless!

My kids are finally ending school – they had an extra 2 weeks due to our move from NC to WI! Poor kiddos!

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Lets Make Them Together!

Supplies Needed:


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Silhouette Cameo

Ratchet Blade

Cutting Mat

Heat Transfer Vinyl (this is the ONLY brand I use)

Heat Press or Iron

Seam Ripper

Parchment Paper

Silhouette Studio Design Software

Silhouette Studio is a program designed specifically for Silhouette Cameo users that is downloaded from the internet. Download the program, open it, and create your designs!

  1. Design: Type out your lettering
  2. Change your font – for my koozies, I used the font Copperplate
  3. Highlight the text and right click – select “Flip Horizontally” —-> this is needed for heat transfer vinyl projects. If your Silhouette Studio software is updated, you will be prompted before you cut if you would like to 1. send as is OR 2. send mirrored. If you “flipped horizontally” then you can select “send as is” when cutting
  4. Draw a box around your design —-> I do this to save on my vinyl. Otherwise when you weed out your design, there is no stopping point and you will waste the entire piece of vinyl. By drawing a box around your design, your machine will cut this line and give you a nice clean stopping point when weeding
  5. Send to machine to cut! Be sure to change the type of material you are cutting to Heat Transfer Vinyl

Applying The Vinyl

6. Weed the Vinyl – After the vinyl is cut you need to “weed it”. Weeding is the process of removing the excess vinyl around the lettering. I prefer to use a seam ripper as I find it is the easiest way to remove the vinyl.
7. Turn on Heat Press – Once the vinyl is ready to go, set your heat press to the correct heat settings, or if you are using an iron, set it to the cotton setting.
8. Pressing – Lightly press your koozie to remove any moisture from the air. Place the vinyl on your koozie, cover with parchment paper (parchment paper is used to create a heat barrier between the vinyl and iron or heat press….otherwise, your vinyl would stick right to the iron!) and apply the heat and pressure for about 10-15 seconds. Remove the heat and parchment paper. Remove the sticky plastic from the heat transfer vinyl and recover the koozie with the parchment paper. Re apply the heat for another 10-15 seconds making sure that the vinyl is fully adhered to the koozie.

Filling The Koozies

You can leave the koozies empty or fill them with cans of beer, bottles of water, magazines for summer reading, or even sunscreen…and that’s just what I did! I figured our teachers would be enjoying the warm summer days of Wisconsin with a good drink in hand while safely soaking up the rays!

I placed our all-time favorite sunscreen, Shaklee Enfuselle Sunscreen inside their koozies and tied then placed in in a cellophane bag with curling ribbon to make it look pretty. Living down south for 13 years I have had my fair share of using different sunscreens and I can honestly say that this Shaklee one is hands down my favorite and the only brand our family prefers to use.

Shaklee Enfuselle Sunscreen SPF 30

  • Designed for all skin types including the most sensitive
  • Waterproof
  • Contains antioxidant vitamins & botanicals
  • No sticky residue, absorbs quickly
  • 100% dye, oil, and paraben free
  • pH-balanced
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Not tested on animals

We use Shaklee Enfuselle Sunscreen when we go hiking, canoeing, the beach, sporting event … anytime we are outside!

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