Our Daughter the Sidewalk Chalk Artist

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This afternoon we were all playing outside when Little Finch asked for her sidewalk chalk. I kindly obliged and gave her a bucket full! I let her be and began playing with Laughing Coyote and the dogs. A few minutes later I hear “Mommy! Come here! I drew a picture of you!” Of course, being the overly animated and excited mom that I am ran over saying “What baby? Are you for real? Oh my gosh!!! Let me see!!” all the while grabbing my camera that was sitting on the front porch step (of course, it was there, I take pictures of everything my kids do!)

When I go to the area of the driveway she was coloring on I about fell over. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My daughter, who is 3 years and almost 3 months old honestly drew a picture of me! (yes, I’m an overly proud mama and feel compelled on sharing her exact age because I think she’s very young for doing such great work!) I started ranting and raving and praising her like she had just won a presidential election! After my craze session I did what was only normal…I laid down on the driveway and took my picture next to my beautiful portrait!

She even drew my hair and eyebrows! Amazing!

Then she drew daddy!

I love it! Even his chin looks like him! Amazing!

I’m so amazed at how awesome she did! I had no idea she knew how to do this! She surprises me daily! I love being a mom!


  1. LOL – fabulous stuff. You might have a little artist on your hands there. 🙂

  2. Haha! That’s awesome. :o)

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