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(Previous post explaining why we were at UGA)

Yesterday I heard back from the opthamologist from UGA Veterinary School. She was calling to tell me the results of Harley’s blood work. The results weren’t bad, but also didn’t totally pinpoint what the cause of the Episcleritis and Lipid Keropathy. He tested negative for toxoplasmosis (which was described as really good), negative for liver dysfunction and negative for kidney dysfunction. All three are great news! However, he does have an elevated level of fat content circulating in his blood. We are unsure of why. He is not overweight, in fact he is a healthy weight so the doctor said that that was not the cause. However, in trying to minimize any levels of fat in his bloodstream she wants to change his diet to a low fat diet (food and treats must contain less than 10% of fat content). She would like him to lose 5-7 pounds and be on the low-end of the normal/healthy weight range. He also is not allowed table food…which we (Lover Boy and I) have always abided by, the biggest challenge here is the kids. Little Finch (2.5y/o) understands but Laughing Coyote (11months) has not the slightly clue! He is in looooove with feeding the dogs!

In addition to changing his diet, Lover Boy and I are committing ourselves to run with him daily (ugh!) This benefit will be double fold -benefiting him and benefiting us.

We go back to UGA in 10 weeks to have all of his blood levels tested again. Hopefully  the fat content levels will be lower at that point!

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