Kid Lovin' Smoothie

This morning for breakfast I made my latest addiction food, Crunchy Potato Soft Tacos minus the lettuce to make it breakfast-y. Little Finch doesn’t dig potatoes so I made her a “saprize” instead…fruit smoothies! We haven’t made them in forever around here and I actually had a bunch of fruit that needed to be used.

…let’s let my kiddos tell you what they thought of them before we make them together…

"giggle, giggle, giggle!!"


Did they sell you on this yet? I hope so!

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Here’s what you need:

Strawberries (4-5), yogurt (any ol' kind will do, but about 2 small containers will be best), blueberries (3/4c), 1 banana











Place all ingredients into the blender...










Cover with lid
















And chop, mix, puree...whatever you prefer


Pour in a splash of milk if it's too thick













Pour into glasses and serve! Enjoy a fun healthy breakfast! (Optional: Chill in fridge before serving or add in 1/2c ice when mixing all of the ingredients and serve immediately)
















The great thing about smoothies is it gets rid of fruit you need to use before it goes bad and you can use whatever you have laying around in the fridge!

Now go on and create your own smoothies!! Come back and tell me what you added in!

*Little Sparrow


  1. I LOVE smoothies! Your recipe is pretty much spot-on with the one I use…
    One thing I like to do with my smoothies is freeze the fruit- even the bananas. That way, I don’t have to add ice. I like the fact that when it starts to melt (if it lasts that long!), it just turns into extra-thick fruit juice, instead of getting watered-down with the melting ice…
    Another personal preference– I use orange juice instead of milk.. that way there’s not too much of a “dairy” taste/feel…

  2. Marissa I love that you use OJ!! What a great alternative! I will definitely have to give that a try! …and freezing the fruit first! Thanks so much for sharing with me! 🙂

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