I cooked a chicken…yes, a chicken!

For all of you who know me, I am definitely not a chicken eatin’ kind of gal. I actually don’t even really like chicken all that much! I’m a surf and turf loving girl. So yes, cooking a chicken was a big deal for me!

I had asked Lover Boy to pick up a chicken breast on his way home from work the other day because I was making a pasta dish and knew he’d like it a million times better if there was some meat atop it…he’s one of those kind of guys: more meat = more bliss for his stomach, therefore meaning he’s not hungry, meaning we’re all happy!

Anyway, he comes home with this:

A whole chicken!

All I have to say is “Julia, I’m not ready yet to debone a duck!” I’m much to amateur for this kind of gig (yes, I realize this is not a duck, nor does it need to be deboned or anything of the matter, but still! It’s how I felt! and after all, this is America! I can think what I want! right?)

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Needless to say there was no way this baby was getting cooked that night to go along with the pasta. So Lover Boy was still hungry that night 🙁

So today, while waitin’ on my mail man I decided to conquer my fears of this bad boy (or girl) and cook it up! Here’s how it went:

Taking the bird out of the package and slipping in into the pan to season

Next came

Wash the sucker off - I tried picking it up with my bare hands, but it was too slippery - I PROMISE!!!
Slather in EVOO
Both sides
Season with some freshly cracked pepper
and some salt
Up close and personal with this seasoned birdie

(like my shadow? opps!) Not so sure that this looks all that appetizing-well at least to me because like I said, I’m not really into grazing on birds.

and stick her in the oven (yeah I decided it was a girl chicken after all)

And finally after a million hours (well not quite a million, but close) you wind up with:


My very first chicken! I did it! I cooked a chicken! and it wasn’t even really that bad of a process or tasting 🙂 Lover Boy sure enjoyed it!


  1. Nanette Bruce says:

    You really ate it??? I’m shocked!! And liked it? I can remember when you weren’t a surf girl either. Times are a changing. But tell me, what’s EVOO?

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