How To Clean A White Sink Cast Iron Sink

Looking for a safe, effective, non-toxic way to clean your white cast iron sink? This is the easiest way to clean your sink without any harsh chemicals.

Farmhouse Drainboard Cast Iron Sink

When we designed our kitchen, I wanted to bring in elements that would have originally been in the house back when it was built in 1886.

I have always love the huge white, cast iron sinks that were often found in old farmhouses. I had no idea what they were called, until I did a lot of research.

Finding a used old drainboard sink, is easy, but finding one in good condition, is extremely difficult. Rather than go down the many rabbit holes of resurfacing an old sink, I bought a brand new one. My husband designed the kitchen design around the sink and I absolutely love it!

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Stained Cast Iron

The problem with a white cast iron sink is, it gets dirty and “stained” easily. It does require regular cleaning to maintain the beautiful white color. The biggest offenders for staining the cast iron are coffee and tomato based sauces, like spaghetti sauce.

Let me show you how to easily clean your cast iron sink!

White Farmhouse Cast Iron Drainboard Sink | Gathered In The Kitchen

Cleaning Supplies:

How to clean a cast iron sink

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How to clean a white cast iron sink | Gathered In The Kitchen

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