Husqvarna ST424T Snow Blower Review

The new Husqvarna ST424T snow blower is a professional grade maximum-performance snow blower. It features an electric key start, a track system for steep hills, heated handles for comfort and power steering controls for easy maneuverability.

This past spring we moved from North Carolina to snowy Wisconsin. Not only do we now have several months of snow to look forward to, we have a long, uphill driveway AND 363 feet of sidewalk!! That’s a whole heck of a lot of sidewalk ya’ll!!

The new Husqvarna ST 424T snow blower takes the angst out of the unfavorable task of clearing snow. With all of the professional features, this two-stage snow blower will actually have you looking forward to each and every snowfall!

Disclaimer: I did receive this Husqvarna ST424T snow thrower free of charge, however, all opinions and thoughts are my own. See my disclosure here.

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I’ll be honest, I haven’t spent a lot of time snow blowing, as when I was growing up, my dad always took care of it. And then straight from college we moved to the South and well…you don’t really have to worry about snow down there, lol. However, during the few times I’ve used this new bad boy, ST 424T snow blower, I have been super impressed and am totally going to be stealing this job from my hubby! … which I’m sure he’ll be thankful for!

This snow blower is definitely a maximum performance snow blower, perfect for our new house in Wisconsin! There are some pretty awesome features to this snow blower – like who knew you could have heated handles?!?! I mean, that’s just genius! Lets go over some of my favorite features!

Electric Key Start

First things first, you have to turn the machine on. Well guess what? This snow blower is started by turning a key!!! Just like your car! It’s super easy! Traditional snow blowers are started by pulling a rope to turn it over (like a lawn mower) or by plugging in an extension cord in order to make the electric start work. This electric key start makes your life way easier – and saves your arm in the process!

All Metal Control Panel

All metal construction including the console, handles, controls and overall faceplate. Yep, it’s beyond durable and is built to last!

Heated Handles

This is amazing! I mean come on, this is like the neatest feature to me! Flip a switch and the heating elements on the handles turn on and make your hands toasty while you’re out there in the freezing cold!

LED Headlight

This 300 lumen bright white LED light is forward mounted to help eliminate shadows. The bright white light reflects better than incandescent or halogen on white snow and helps to both light your work area as well as keep you visible and safe while you’re out there at all hours of the night or day clearing snow. (My bad for not capturing a photo with the lights on when it was darker outside!)

24″ Width

Husqvarna makes snow blowers with 24″, 27″ and 30″ clearing path capabilities. I prefer the smaller size of 24″ because it’s more compact, easier to maneuver (I’m only 5’3″ so smaller = better for me!), and with all of the speed and power of the machine, a couple extra inches wasn’t going to save me that much time. I’d rather have the extra space in my garage!!

Track System

These high durability rubber tracks are terrific for clearing deep snow piles, going up steep hills and great for multi-surface use! Getting up our huge hill in our driveway is a challenge, but with these tracks, it’s a breeze!

Power Steering Controls

These power steering controls, which are large enough for 3 or more fingers, help make the snow blower easier to operate. Lets think of this like your hand brakes on your bicycle. It’s easier to stop your bike when you are using more than 1 finger, right? Well, these power steering controls work similar to your bicycle brake handles…instead, they turn the machine from left to right with ease.

Quick Bucket Height Adjustment

The height of the bucket is easily changed by the handle mounted thumb control on the console. If you’re transporting the snow blower, you want the bucket up in the air. If you’re plowing snow, you want the bucket down on the ground. You can even adjust the height of the bucket in the down position if you don’t want to clear the snow all of the way down to the ground surface.

Electronic Throttle Control

This is the speed for the engine. The way I like to think about this is similar to a riding lawn mower. The turtle icon is slow and good for light snowfall or letting the machine idle. The rabbit icon is a bit faster and used for standard snow blowing, and the multiple arrows are high speed and useful when you have some extreme snow blowing to do! This electronic throttle control works hand in hand with the speed control lever.

Speed Control Lever

This big lever changes the track speed and determines how fast the machine moves. You can also easily use the control, by pulling back on the lever, to go into reverse.

Extra Quiet

Husqvarna worked really hard to make a snow blower that wasn’t like a jet plane flying over your house every time you fired it up! This machine is actually extra quiet when compared to other brand snow blowers. I really like this because now that we live in town, I don’t want to feel like I’m waking up the whole block every time I go out there early in the morning to take care of the snow…nor do I want to risk waking up my kids!!! All of you parents can thank Husqvarna’s engineers for this awesome feature!!

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Who Is This Snow Blower For?

This snow blower is perfect for anyone who has to regularly clear snow. My husband travels a good bit for work, therefore, I am left home manning down the fort. With this snowblower I feel confident that I can take care of clearing the snow by myself without any issues – and heck, it’s a lot cheaper than hiring someone!

This snow blower is a commercial grade snow blower, so if you’re looking to make some extra cash and start your own snow removal business, this is a great model to do so! And get this, it even comes with a commercial warranty!

Where To Buy Your ST 424T Snow Blower?

Various Husqvarna products are sold at Lowes and local dealerships. Here is a handy dandy location finder to see where the closest retailer is to you!

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