Highway 20 Ride

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The kids and I went with Lover Boy last minute for a quick business trip to Georgia Sunday-Monday night. Although it’s much more of an inconvenience for us to go than him to have us along. But we are definitely that family that doesn’t care about the inconvenience, we’d rather just be together every minute possible.

While we were driving home late last night, the kids were sleeping and Lover Boy and I were having the best conversation (apparently I just need to be the one driving otherwise I get too tired and fall asleep, opps!) While we were talking I had mentioned the lyrics to a song by one of my favorite bands, Zac Brown Band. A few minutes later one of their other songs came on “Highway 20 Ride”. Oddly enough we were on Highway 2o crossing the Georgia line.

YouTube video

Although the song is about divorce, it’s really about a father’s love for his son. I then started to think that this song actually really reminds me of Laughing Coyote and Lover Boy and the dark storm night that our little man decided to send me in to labor. šŸ™‚ Lover Boy had to drive this long drive back from South Carolina to our home in Georgia on Highway 20 and met Little Finch and I in the delivery room (he made it before Laughing Coyote arrived!!)

At 3:10 of the song Zac sings “my whole life begins and ends with you on that highway 20 ride” ~ makes me get teary because there is something so special and unique about a father’s love and it’s so evident with Lover Boy and our kiddos. šŸ™‚ I love my sweet family!

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