My 29th Birthday

This past Thursday I celebrated my last birthday in my 20’s…and it was fabulous! My sweet little kiddos were so excited all week that it was going to be my birthday. The day before my birthday, Little Finch woke up and said “MOMMY!!! Tomorrow is going to be your birthday! I’m so excited!” and then went into a 10 minute description of the cake that her and I were supposed to make 🙂 Then the morning of my birthday she woke up shouting “MOMMY!!! It’s your birthday!!! It’s my best day ever in my heart and my life.” and sang “Happy Birthday” over and over (all day actually). She also would randomly tell me “Happy Birthday Dear Mommy!” – isn’t she just the cutest little 4 year old? I think so!

We spent the morning being lazy and then headed to the salon for an hair appointment. Little Finch and I got identical haircuts (her hair is soooo long and thick for a 4 year old) and she looks so stinkin’ cute! We then headed out to Red Rocks Cafe in Cornelius, NC for a very fancy steak dinner and way too yummy piece of Pumpkin Cheesecake. Then headed to my parents new place and I was showered with tons of kitchen gadgets that the kids picked out with daddy earlier that week on a daddy/kid date night.

And from Lover Boy…something I have been REALLY wanting!!…

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Kreg Jig: Master System It makes pocket holes…seriously I am so excited! Lover Boy said that he kind of was a little selfish though when ordering it because he plans on using it when we gut and rebuild our kitchen.

…and a dance dedicated to me, the birthday mommy! (my favorite present!!)

Such a beautiful dancer!

Then Little Finch coordinated a Princess Dance for Lover Boy and I 🙂

My gorgeous boy and I

29 – No gray hair (and I don’t dye or highlight) and only slight smile wrinkles – not too shabby for last year in my 20’s – I will not complain :-)….just grease on my shirt from Laughing Coyote sitting on my lap at dinner!

Since birthday’s are such a huge ordeal around our house, Lover Boy planned a day trip up to Virginia on the Blue Ridge Parkway to have breakfast at Mabry Mill and then enjoy an afternoon of hiking. We had such a great time.

Such a great birthday celebration! My family sure made it extra special and I am truly spoiled!! 🙂


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