Removing paint is no easy task and in fact it can be very daunting, especially as the size of your project increases. In this guide we will cover everything you need to know to properly remove paint as well as tips and tricks, tools and products necessary to better equip you for the job.

What You’ll Find In This Guide:

Each category is hyperlinked for easy access to each corresponding post with a description of everything you will find in that post.

  • Lead Based Paint
    • What is lead based paint
    • Why test for lead based paint
    • Should you be concerned if you have lead based paint
    • Safety precautions when dealing with lead based paint
    • Products to test for lead based paint
    • Video tutorial: how to test for lead based paint
  • Removing Paint From Wood
    • Removing multiple layers of paint
    • Products to remove paint
    • Removing paint from detailed contoured edges/trim
    • Clean up tips
    • Video tutorial: how to remove paint from wood
  • Using A Heat Gun
    • When to use a heat gun
    • Before using a heat gun
    • Heat gun safety
    • Product recommendations
    • Video tutorial: how to use a heat gun to remove paint