Deer Sausage Veggie Pasta

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I love pasta and sautéd veggies, Lover Boy loves pasta and meat. So how do you make both of us happy? You cook meals that have “add in” ingredients! So I did just that.

I started by sautéing a bunch of veggies (green pepper, yellow pepper, purple onion, mushroom and a couple cloves of garlic) in EVOO. Once the veggies were half way to tender I added in some white wine (I used Riesling because that’s what we had!) In a separate pan I had some deer sausage browning. Tossed it all together and had a great pasta dish!

This was Lover Boy’s plate, I left the meat off of my mine. I absolutely loved it! The wine added such an awesome sweet flavor that I was hoping for that I literally ate 3 plates worth. I know, I am a fatty! I just can’t help myself sometimes! I could eat veggies like this every single day and never complain! Yum yum yum!!


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  1. Yum. I know what you mean – it’s the same at our house. When my husband travels, all I seem to eat are roasted veggies with a bit of goat cheese, lol. This looks very yummy.

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