Deer Sausage Sandwiches

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Our closest friends in Georgia was one of Lover Boy’s co-workers. His family and extended family pretty much adopted us in. Lover Boy went on several hunting and fishing trips with Chad, his brothers, dad, cousins, uncles…the list goes on. Two different times we stocked our freezer full of deer Chad caught that we had processed into various sausages, ground deer, etc. The other day we pulled out one of our last packs of sausages, defrosted it and threw it on the grill. Once it was cooked we made two different types of sandwiches. (p.s. Chad if you are reading this go catch us another deer! 🙂 )

Here was Lover Boy’s concoction:

Deer Sausage on a deli roll loaded with pastrami and jardiniere


-Grilled deer sausage

-Pastrami deli meat

-Jardinere to your liking

-Deli roll



This was my version:

On a deli roll add two thin slices of muenster cheese (one on each side of the roll), deer sausage and jardiniere
Place it on the George Forman and toast


-Deer sausage

-Deli roll

-2 thin slices of muenster cheese



Roughly 385/sandwich

If you are not a fan of deer sausage (something that I swore I would never eat when we first moved South…lasted a whole 2 months) you could always use regular pork sausage or even hamburger meat. Make them however you like!


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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know God used something there to encourage you!

    I haven’t had deer meat in ages. My grandfather used to hunt them and share some with us from time to time.

  2. We have never had deer sausage done like that. Caleb had it made one time and I think it was how the processor did it that I could not get it to taste right when cooking with it. We will have to get them to try it differently next year. Caleb loves to hunt so we always have a ton of deer meat and I use the ground to make chili and stuff but I need some other recipes I will have to try this one when he gets some sausage. Thanks for sharing this! If you have anymore deer recipes please share. 🙂

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