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Hi Friends!

Happy weekend! I sure hope that you are enjoying the first few days of June so far! I know I am! The sun has been shining here and I am LOVING it!!

Blooming Irises in yard in spring

I’ve been sharing some behind the scenes recipes and home renovations over on my Instagram profile, as well as on my Instagram Stories. You should check them out!…before they expire! Instagram Stories can be viewed by clicking on my Instagram (IG) profile photo…yep, that’s right, just click on my face! IG Stories only live for 24 hours (which is cool and not cool in my opinion), so make sure to check back daily for new updates!

Here’s a peek at my profile…

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Gathered In The Kitchen Instagram Feed

Lots of house photos (like this one of my porch!), recipes (this one is a keto salad) and some of my family! … my daughter and the horse we lease!

Anyway!! The weather has been so nice since we got back from our weekend away camping at Devil’s Lake, that I’ve definitely been doing a whole lot of front porch (and side porch) sitting!

Our Yard Is Coming Alive!

Beautiful Purple Irises in bloom

I’ve also been doing a TON and I mean a TON of yardwork. I have now laid 80 bags of mulch! … but first, I had to pick about 298749873 weeds! Ugh! Yike-a-roo! This is really our first summer living in our house of the three that we have owned it.

Our first June at the house (3 months after moving in), it was struck by lightning and caught fire…so obviously we couldn’t live here. The 2nd summer, it was still in full renovation mode and our yard was completely trashed and trampled on. Now this summer, the 3rd, we are finally here and I’m getting to witness all of the amazing things planted in our yard – many of which have been here for decades! That’s part of the joy of owning a 135 year old house – so many people have planted their own touches to this yard!

I’ve also have been finding a zillion nails and building debris from the reconstruction of our house. I also found an old old old door hinge broken in half (but I found both pieces). There was even a lily of the valley growing through the screw hole! I can’t imagine how long this has been laying in my flower bed!

Antique Finds in the Garden

I am still super hopeful that I’m going to come across a buried treasure chest! I mean…don’t all 135 year old homes have some kind of hidden treasure? I’m on a mission to find mine! lol

Next week I’ll show you way more of the yard and all of the work I’ve done! Plus, I can’t wait to share with you this amazing app my dad told me about! … hint: it involves plants!

Things I’m Loving!

I’m heading to visit with family now, so enjoy your weekend! Be sure to give some of these DIY projects and recipes a try from some of my blogging friends that I’ll be meeting up with in Atlanta in July!!! I can’t wait!

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These super cute baseball cookies!

baseball royal icing sugar cookies


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  2. I always enjoy reading your posts. Great job!

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