Unicorn & Butterfly Custom Boutique Shirts and Hair Bows

My little man was invited to a birthday party for a super sweet classmate of his, a cute little girl. I have to admit, I was so excited because I LOVE making girlie creations!! My daughter, who is my oldest, is now  9 years old and has enough hair bows to last through her grandchildren (seriously, I wish I was joking…I kind of had an obsession making them), and is a bit old for wearing super adorable personalized shirts. So I have to settle for just doing her initials on many things…and even then, she doesn’t want it on everything under the sun (it’s such a dilemma for a crafty momma!)

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my boys, and I do make them things from time to time, but there is such a difference between cute girly things and cute boyish things… I know someone out there has to agree with me on this one!


So, back to the point, I got to make adorable gifts! (scroll to the bottom to see lots of other gifts!)

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Unicorn Shirt, Butterfly Custom Boutique Shirts & Hair Bows

Let me show you everything close up!

The birthday girl told me she loves unicorns and butterflies so…that’s just what I made for her!

Purple t-shirt with a unicorn silhouette and stars along with the birthday girl’s name in teal.

Unicorn Shirt, Butterfly Custom Boutique Shirts & Hair Bows

Cream colored sweatshirt with a butterfly and her initials.

Unicorn Shirt, Butterfly Custom Boutique Shirts & Hair Bows

Each of the shirtrs had a matching hair bow = corker style bows and regular boutique bows.

Unicorn Shirt, Butterfly Custom Boutique Shirts & Hair Bows

I finished everything off with a cute little unicorn card that I layered and added dimension to.

Unicorn Card


Want Your Own Custom Boutique Shirt and/or Hair Bow? 

I no longer have my Etsy shop open because my blog is the main focus, however, I still take custom orders all of the time. To place an order, please contact me at stephanie@gatheredinthekitchen.com and in the subject line say “CUSTOM ORDER” and I will get back to you asap with a design and pricing. (pricing will vary depending on design, colors, etc)


Some of my favorite gifts I’ve given:

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