4,000+ Mile Road Trip: Day 2 – Staunton, Virginia

Our 4,000+ mile, 16 day road trip that spanned through the east coast through Canada had a fun filled stop in the charming, historic town of Staunton, Virginia. We enjoyed delicious locally sourced food, a wide array of independent local artisans and shops plus much more!

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We woke up early in the morning from Day 1 to Salem, Virginia and headed north with hopes of finding a breakfast stop along the way. So my hubs started driving and I got to researching on maps for nearby breakfast restaurants.

Staunton, virginia

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Because we are foodies this is never as easy as it could be if we would just stop at a McDonald’s. Thankfully there were several farm to table style restaurants that pulled up close to the highway so we decided to go check it out – and I am so glad that we did! Clayton fell in love with the town and now after the trip is over, he still says that Staunton was the best surprise along the 4,000+ miles!

Staunton, Virginia - Must Do List

We ate breakfast at an adorable, cozy, little café that featured locally grown and seasonal foods with a European flare called Farmhouse Kitchen & Wares. 

Best Farm to Table Breakfast and Brunch in Staunton, Virginia: Farmhouse Kitchen & Wares

I was super smitten with the interior, I really loved their water station (this became a common theme along the rest of our trip!)

Not only was the restaurant easy on the eye, the food was great on the tummy!

Best Farm to Table Breakfast and Brunch in Staunton, Virginia: Farmhouse Kitchen & Wares

Once we were stuffed to the gills we headed out to walk around town. We were pleasantly surprised with their local Farmers Market! It was huge and had tons of options from veggies to breads to handmade soaps and more!

Staunton, Virginia Farmers Market

After the Farmers Market we walked around the town stopping in a handful of locally owned shops of all kinds. The town thrives on unique, independent business owners who have set up shop along the bustling historical streets.

Once we were walking back to the car when we happened upon a flyer for a glass blowing demonstration at Sunspots Studios Live Glassblowing! So since we were on vacation time, we digressed and went to check it out! –> and I would highly recommend going as well as it turns out they have live glassblowing demonstrations daily!

Glass Blowing at Sunspots Studios Live Glassblowing, Staunton, Virginia

After a fun filled morning we got back in the car and headed north to Hershey, Pennsylvania and then to Jersey City, New Jersey!

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