10 Simple Steps to Deep Cleaning the Kitchen

Spring Cleaning

10 Simple Steps to Deep Clean Your Kitchen

Spring has sprung and our internal clocks are telling us to get cleaning! Declutter! Simplify! These 10 simple steps will ensure just that! Washing and organizing is all it takes – it can be done in 1 days time so you can get outside and enjoy the sunshine!


1. Wash all cabinet doors, handles and cabinet trim

2. Wash all backsplashes

3. Wash all appliances:

     a) Refrigerator – shelves, drawers, handles, dispenser trays

     b) Dishwasher – racks, handle, button controls

     c) Oven – run the self-clean cycle, handle, button controls

     d) Cooktop – clean greasy burners, button controls or knobs

     e) Microwave – wash glass tray, wipe down inside, wash outside

     f) Coffee maker – clean out inside by running a cycle of water and 1/4c

     vinegar, wash housing, dispenser trays

      g) Sink – wash sink, drain surround, faucet, soap dispenser, sponge

     storage container

4. Wash floors and baseboards

5. Wash all windows, doors and trim/casing

6. Wipe down all light fixtures



7. Clean out cabinets:

     a) donate or sell duplicate items

     b) consolidate or donate kid cups, plates, and bowls

8. Clean out pantry:

     a) combine duplicate boxes/containers of pasta, spices, rice, etc

     b) throw away any expired canned goods, spices, condiments, boxes of

     cereal, etc

9. Clean out refrigerator:

      a) throw away any expired food

      b) organize each shelf to a certain category of food ie: leftovers,

      condiments, drinks, etc

10. Clean out freezer:

       a) throw away any expired food

       b) label or re-label packages if necessary (always write on the package

     what it is and the date item was put in the freezer)

       c) organize each shelf by category: frozen vegetables, frozen fruits,

      frozen meat, desserts, etc

There you have it! A clean and organized kitchen! Clutter and scum are taken care of and you can now cook in the kitchen with a clean slate and get back to what it is you enjoy doing in the warmer months!


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