Wine Over Ice & Fresh Squeezed Lime

Lover Boy brought home a bottle of wine the other night from World Market called New Age. It is a white wine from Argentina. On the bottle they recommend drinking it over ice with a squeezed lime.
Wine Over Ice & Fresh Squeezed Lime
So of course, we had to try it…but first I feel compelled to share these very important facts about my husband and I. I know that these are questions you have been staying awake late at night thinking about.


Lover Boy

Not really a wine drinker Really likes all types of wine
Do not like ice in drinks other than water Love love loves ice in almost all drinks
Obsessed with lime Obsessed with lime

With all of that said it only halfway makes sense why I think this drink is out of this world good and totally recommend everyone to try it.

This is one way to drink it: just pour chilled wine into a wine glass and enjoy. I admit, it’s really good that way! (p.s. our glasses are supposed to look like that, a broken glass effect, I heart them!)

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This is how the bottle recommends. Pour wine over ice and squeeze in a fresh lime. DIVINE! It has such a refreshing taste to it! I think I run a very high risk of becoming an alcoholic after discovering this gem! So if I never post a recipe again you now know why! 🙂

Here it is again

Run to World Market, but a bottle and give this refreshing wine twist a try! You will be so glad you did!

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Wine Over Ice & Fresh Squeezed Lime

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