Veggie Quesadilla (Sneaking Veggies into Kids!)

Sometimes I struggle with thinking of ideas for lunch. I am not a fan of cold cut sandwiches so we typically do not even have lunch meat on hand unless I plan on making a hot sandwich – and even then it would only be Pastrami (beef) or Roast Beef. But after two days in a row of sandwiches I’m burnt out and don’t want them again for several weeks.

The kids love noodles. About 4 out of 7 mornings each week Little Finch requests them for breakfast. Yes, I said breakfast. That’s how obsessed with them she is! Then she typically asks for noodles again for lunch and dinner. I have a whole shelf in my panty dedicated to noodles, of all varieties. (I’m not joking!)

When they’re not enjoying a bowl full of noodles I often make them cheese quesadillas with tomatoes. They are hit or miss with them. Some days they love them, some days they act like it’s food from a foreign planet and refuse to eat it. (Anyone else’s kids like this?!?) Today, however, was a huge step forward. I made veggie quesadillas. They loved them so much that 1. I couldn’t keep up with feeding them 2. I didn’t make enough to feed my starving children so I had to make more! Two things I will never ever complain about.

I will show you how I made my quesadilla along with how I made theirs.

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Let’s make it together, shall we?

Start by thinly slicing green & yellow peppers and red onion

Drizzle EVOO into a hot skillet (a shout out thanks to my sister for my Rachael Ray EVOO & Vinegar set, an early birthday present)

Add in veggies and toss for about 2 minutes

Chop up one garlic clove and add to veggies. Season with salt & pepper

While the veggies are cooking prepare the veggies for the kids quesadilla…Little Finch decided to upgrade on her own to my santoku knife…appropriate for a just turned 3 year old, huh? *Notice, we chopped their veggies really small to kind of “mask” them in the quesadilla

Once the veggies are cooked lay them out on a paper towel to drain off the excess EVOO

Do the same thing with the kid veggies except add just a tad bit of garlic powder rather than a whole clove, Season with salt & pepper. Remove from pan and set aside on a paper towel

In the same hot skillet add a flour tortilla shell and top with a small handful of cheese. The excess oil in the pan is my new found secret on how to keep the tortilla perfect! Not dry but still slightly crunchy…like Chili’s quesadillas!

Add back the cooked veggies

Add diced tomato

Sprinkle in a little more cheese to act as glue to hold on the top tortilla shell

Slightly brown on each side

Serve on a fun kid plate and slice into quarters

Ta da! Soooo yummy! It would have been even better dipped in sour cream  or guacamole but we didn’t have either…which was probably a good thing, I’m kind of a sucker for way.too.much of both!

Hope you guys enjoy it!


  1. Oh wow– the veggies aren’t even all that hidden. I’m impressed!! I was expecting some sort of pureed veggie :). These look delicious and I wish I had some right now (yes, for breakfast!)!!

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Yum! What a great way to sneak veggies. I will have to try this on my full grown honey 😉

  3. Is there another link to the recipe? This link just comes back to the same page with no recipe.

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