Changing Bella’s Ear Dressings


This is my sweet girl Bella Rose back when she was just 8 weeks old. She is just as sweet and pretty almost 7 years later.

Warning: Below is a very gross picture. If you have a weak stomach, I advise you not to look.

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Bella Rose, our Boxer had Hematoma Surgery on Tuesday (which you can read about here). In 2008 she had her first Hematoma Surgery. The odds of dogs developing a 2nd, 3rd, and so forth Hematoma is very likely after the first. Over the last four years we have been so careful to ensure she didn’t develop another, unfortunately it happened again and is much worse than the first one.

We have to change the dressing on her head at least once a day, not a very fun task I assure you. The kiddos have been such great helpers with this by keeping her calm and handing me the supplies I need along the way.

Although this is not a picture of Bella (it’s a picture of a cat I found online) it gives you the exact idea of what her ear was like before surgery and why it is so crucial to repair immediately. (Remember Hematomas are the blood vessel in the ear breaking due to scratching, etc)

Below is the picture: The gap is supposed to be there. The 12 stitches are keeping her ear pieces together (like a normal ear) so it does not fill back up with blood.


Please pray for my sweet girl and that her recovery goes quickly.


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  1. It looks like it’s healing nicely. Must be so stressful for everyone though, eh. Healing thoughts and hugs.!!

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