The Best Containers for School Lunch & Snacks

School snacks and lunches can cause so much stress. Beyond trying to figure out what to pack you have so many issues to worry about with the containers. From leakage to containers breaking to food “touching” to the food being cold and so much more. As a mom of 3 I have spent years and literally hundreds of dollars to find the best containers for my kids to take their snacks and lunches in. I have finally discovered the absolute best containers that are:

♥ kid friendly

♥ leak proof

♥ BPA free

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♥ keeps the food from “touching”

♥ looks cool/age appropriate designs

♥ keeps food hot/cold

Not only do I love all of these containers, my kids do too!




Here is each item along with a description. Click each image to order your own!
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I love these because of the layers. You can pack the entire lunch in this container! sistema-klip-it-collection-sandwich-box-food-storage-container

Just packing a sandwich? or crackers and cheese? This is the perfect sized container…Every single sandwich container I have ever bought was too small to actually fit the entire sandwich unless I cut the crust off of the bread. This container fits the entire piece of bread without having to cut the crust off!


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I love these because of the compartments. They do not leak between each side and they can surprisingly hold a good amount of food!



Besides the fact that these are adorable, they are perfect for small little snacks or for servings of veggies!!




My daughter is 8 and we have a hard time finding age appropriate, non-spill, insulated cups for her. The kid sized cups usually have designs for young children and the adult cups are just too large for a lunch box. These take the win all the way around! Not babyish, not too big, not too small and it’s insulated ensuring her water stays ice cold all day long! I personally liked the fact that the drinking spout was hard and not a flexible plastic straw. It is super easy to clean!


My 6 year old son is all about what looks cool and what his friends have. This R2D2 cup is fantastic! It doesn’t leak, it’s easy to open and the straw can be easily removed for cleaning!


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  1. Next you should cover which lunch boxes you use with your containers. I use EasyLunch box containers with lands end lunch boxes. 🙂

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