Stuffed Pretzels

I recently mentioned here and here that I found an old memory card full of photos from right before our move to SC. I am in love with looking at them! My kids look so much younger even though it was only 8 months ago…crazy how time flies! These particular pictures are of Laughing Coyote’s (15 days old) first cooking (well baking) experience…good thing big sister Little Finch (21.5 months old) is there to help show him how to do things! 🙂 We made the easiest thing I remember thinking of…stuffed pretzels. In fact, this sounds really good right now. I think we’ll be making a trip to the grocery store this afternoon!

Mmmm...Is it just me? or is your mouth watering too?




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What you need:

-Can of breadstick dough *Heat oven to temperature listed on package

-Mozzarella cheese

-Can/jar of pizza sauce

-Toppings of your choice

-1 Egg beaten


On a cookie sheet unroll canned dough but do not separate at the perforated lines - keep as one large piece










Layer with sauce (you can tell that we didn't--I'm not really a pizza sauce fan), sprinkle with cheese and top with toppings of choice
















After you fill with toppings, roll the dough over about 1″ and then cut along the edge. Pinch the open edges shut together (as if making a long snake). Repeat however many times as necessary until all of the dough is used.

Then form into pretzels or leave as breadsticks and arrange on cookie sheet










Brush with a beaten egg and sprinkle with salt and then bake until dough is brown and slightly crispy











And there you have it! So quick and easy (and tasty and cheap...the list goes on) it's ridiculous!















As I always end with…let me know what you think of this!!


*Little Sparrow


  1. Amy @ A Little Nosh says:

    Thanks for stopping by A Little Nosh. Hope to see you there again!

    These pretzels looks great. What a fun idea!

  2. Hey!! Thanks for stopping by!! This looks DELISh! Unfortunately, so not in the plan for the prewedding diet! LOL As for your question about the hurricanes, they are from the dollar tree!! And they are always there!!

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