Pantry Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have a love obsession for cookies and it all started because of my mother. She is obsessed with cookies as well. However, she is not the type of person to venture out and try something out of the “norm”. So she always makes the same ol’ Nestle Toll House recipe for  Chocolate Chip Cookies (over and over and over).

I came in from running and found my mom and daughter mixing away. Any guesses as to what they were making? Chocolate Chip Cookies…surprise!

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I told my mom that I was tired of plain chocolate chip cookies because I had just polished off the whole batch that she had made for when we arrived! (I need to run 294 miles now!!) I snooped around in the panty and found Craisins and walnuts and suggested that we doctor up the dough with these bad boys. My mom went on to say that that sounded gross and who would eat that (she is so Plain Jane when it comes to food!) I listened very well…and topped the bowl off with chocolate chips, Craisins and walnuts :-)…and then ate half of the raw cookie dough! (a serious problem I have! I’m not kidding!)

Yummm...this is making my mouth water!













Finally after I had eaten half of the bowl we baked the remainder of dough!


We baked them at 375 degrees for 6 minutes...they are best with a tiny bit of a gooey center!















My mom ended up LOVING them! And said that she will never make a chocolate chip cookie again without the Craisins!! We ate the whole baking sheet worth before the next sheet came out of the oven! (so now I need to run 562 miles!!…I’ll be back in one year!)

Ahh, I love chipping away at her dull taste buds! 🙂

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