How to Stay Happily Married for 10+ Years

Today marks our 10th wedding anniversary! 


We did it! … 10 years of marriage! A whole decade as Mr. and Mrs. Bruce. That’s a long time if we’re being honest!! ??

So rather than a sappy post about all the reasons I love my hubby, here’s a few things I’ve learned over this past decade that might help out some of you youngin’s who haven’t been married for quite as long…because after all, I’m an expert at this marriage thing by now. (hahaha just kidding!)

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1. Be Stubborn – be stubborn FOR each other, for your marriage. Plant your feet deep and consciously work towards making your marriage work and no wavering

2. Be Cheap – life isn’t about the flashy crap, it’s about the experiences. Spend your money making memories with each other 


3. Get Dirty – ok all of you who let your brains wonder, bring them back. I mean dirty in the sense of doing new things together. Tackle a new project or task. Do something you’ve never done before and learn AND laugh from your mistakes. A couple bag DIYs together stays together (well unless you have a TV show, lol)

4. Be Selfish – I’m mean this in two ways. 1. Time for just you two: this is something I am still learning to do since having kids and having zero family within a days drive. But… taking time for just the two of you is important, even if it’s just for a date night on the couch. After the kids are gone it’s just you two ?? 2. To be yourself – don’t lose sight of who you were and are. Doing things you still like to do, accomplishing goals you had, etc… in other words, don’t become an old biddy. Your spouse fell in love with you all those years ago – be that same (but better) version of you

5. Fight – (not a throw down fist fight but healthy arguing) but learn how to figure out a solution and get over it. And don’t be afraid to fight in front of your kids – they need to learn that it’s ok to disagree but see how to resolve problems. 


And there you have it, my little take on marriage – can’t wait for the next 10 years!! …and I mean that with all sincerity!

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  1. Congratulations! You have given some good advise. We celebrated our 50th in June!) Hope you’ll be fortunate to hit that milestone one day!
    Always make your spouse feel important and loved!
    Happy Holidays to you! (your dress was beautiful…love the added red in the back!)

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