Hooded Santa Hat Blankets

These adorable hooded Santa hat blankets make the perfect gift this holiday season. Personalize them with names using a Silhouette Cameo.

I love to give gifts to my nieces and nephews that are personalized for them…heck, who am I kidding! I love doing this for every gift I give.

One day while out shopping with my kiddos, we found these fantastic fleece Hooded Santa Hat Blankets that we all fell in love with. Because I’m always looking for a reason to buy stuff to personalize, I bought enough for my nieces and nephews. I came home and got busy crafting!

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Supplies Needed:

Lets Make Them Together!

Create your design using Silhouette Studio. Send to Silhouette Cameo applying the appropriate cut settings for the material you are using. {I’m using heat transfer vinyl: glitter – and an Autoblade}

When cutting heat transfer vinyl your design must be cut upside down. The new Silhouette Studio software will automatically prompt you when you press “SEND” to “send as is” or “send mirrored”. You must select send mirrored….unless you do what I do. I always highlight my design, right click and then select “flip horizontally”.

Load vinyl on cutting mat and load into Cameo and cut.

Using your weed tools, weed our your design, leaving the letters on the plastic sheet.

Place design on fabric

Cover with parchment paper and iron for 10-15 seconds on cotton setting. Remove parchment paper and plastic sheet. Replace parchment paper and iron again for 10-15 seconds.

And there you have it! Super easy and very personal! Who wouldn’t love receiving these!?!? It would pair fantastically with these Buffalo Check Slippers I made!

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