…and this is how you mow the grass

In my attempt to let Lover Boy study for his upcoming GMAT test, I decided to mow the grass and keep the kids with me outside – multitasking. I stuck Laughing Coyote in the hiking pack, put up the sun shade and told Little Finch to pick flowers. The second I turned on the mower, she freaked out and insisted that I hold her, I suggested she go inside and play. – If you have a 2 year old you will understand this – there is no reasoning with them! šŸ™‚ – She made her request and I was to obey.

So this is what I looked like Saturday cutting our whole yard…

Laughing Coyote in the backpack and Little Finch in my arms...one hand on the mower!

Down the hill
So much fun!

With activities like this I’m not sure why I am unable to snack on junk all day and not gain weight! šŸ™‚

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*Little Sparrow

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