First Day of Preschool: A Mommy’s Therapy Session

Little Finch started preschool yesterday. We have really been prepping her for the big first day of school for over four months now because she is not keen on being more than 2″ from my side at almost all times (if we’re in public both kids are clung to my hip 100% of the time. Anyone want to challenge me in an arm wrestling match? I’m getting pretty buff from carting them around!).

Yesterday morning, the first day of preschool came. I was all prepared to get out of the house smoothly and on time. I had gotten up long before the kids needed to so I could blog and waste time on facebook and pinterest (just being real here folks!). When it was finally time to wake her up I got a little teary eyed. I wasn’t sad as in oh my, she’s going to school or ohh my baby is so old and is leaving me. I was sad in the fact that this would be my only time ever waking her up for her very first day of school. That that milestone would have been crossed. I then got to thinking about how I really needed to focus more on making sure that every single moment with both of my kids is the most and best that it can be. That I am leading a good example, teaching them to follow Jesus, stand strong for what they believe in. The only thing I could even think to do at this time was to pray. Pray that her teachers would be wonderful influences on her. That her classmates would be nice and kind. That she would blossom and learn many valuable social skills.

Then God showed me his humorous side:

I then pulled it together and went in to get her. She and Laughing Coyote were sleeping in our bed (don’t judge!). I whispered to her that it was time to wake up for school and carried her into her bedroom. I laid her down on her bed because she was sooo exhausted (more than likely from staying up WAY too late the night before bouncing off of the walls with excitement). The very first thing she told me was that she wanted to go back to sleep like Brayden. Great I thought! 😉 After a few minutes of letting her lay there half asleep she finally woke up to the point where I could let her choose between the two outfits I had picked out for her. She told me neither. Great again! She didn’t want to wear shorts. She didn’t want to wear jeans. She didn’t want to wear short sleeves. But what she did want to wear were soft pants (aka yoga pants) and long sleeves. (for all of you who ever look at my recipe posts you notice that she is typically in long sleeved/pants jammies no matter if we are making breakfast, lunch or dinner. For some she has been on a 5 month kick of only wanting to wear jammies all day long!)

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Finally after getting ready to lose my cool (almost 20 minutes later) we decided on an outfit which actually turned out to be cuter than I thought. Then we proceeded into her bathroom where I told her we needed to do her hair – yet another grooming task she is not very fond of. She finally agreed but had to have two bows (1 of which totally didn’t match her outfit) and one for her brother. Yes, you read that correctly, her brother (who knows?!?!). I agreed just so I could get her hair halfway decent looking. (I later was able to get the mismatched bow out of her hair in the car).


(I’m so sorry Lover Boy!! Don’t be mad) 🙂

We then were running very late by this point. I woke Laughing Coyote up, got him dressed and headed out of the door. Little Finch never ate breakfast (mostly because she denied wanting all 1,000 options I offered her). We turned out of our neighborhood, driving down the main street when she tells me that her shoes hurt her feet. WHAT?!?! She had chose to wear a pair of shoes that she never ever wears!! (but to her credit actually matched her outfit). I couldn’t in good conscious let her go to school for the very first time with sore feet, so I did what any good mother does and turned the car around. I ran inside and grabbed two pairs of shoes for her to chose from and headed back towards school.

We got there and all went well. She did surprisingly well with being left compared to some of the other kids who were a hootin’ and a hollerin’ (I just love me some southern sayings!)

Laughing Coyote and I headed out on a date to one of the local coffee shops and had breakfast. We then headed home for a bit and then went back out to run some errands before picking Little Finch up.

I arrived at school and thought wow! These are some really overachieving parents, they’re all packing their kids into the car before class time is even over. Laughing Coyote and I head in and Little Finch is the ONLY kid left in the classroom. She was sitting on the floor in her teacher’s lap reading a book. At this very moment I was hit in the head with a ten pound brick. Idiot!!! Class ends at 12:30 not 12:45!!! I felt so horrible! How could I have messed that up and made my baby be the very last one there? She must have felt so abandoned by me! CRAP!! 

Her teacher politely assured me that it was OK and I promised I would never be late again! (really hoping that I can stick to that promise!) I picked up both kids, one on each hip and headed to the car. Little Finch told me all about her day and never mentioned anything about being the only kid left or feeling neglected by her mother! Phew!

Driving home I found myself praying again thanking God for such a wonderful daughter and memorable first day of school!

So here’s to a smoother 2nd day of school tomorrow! 🙂 Wish us luck!!


*Mommy Sparrow      

Here’s some other pictures of her orientation day. She dressed herself like a ladybug! My smart little cookie!   

Good thing for little brothers. They help make new situations so much easier! 

I think Laughing Coyote is ready for school too! What do you think?**P.S. WELCOME ALL OF MY NEW GOOGLE & FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS! I’m so excited to have you here!!! 


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