Faith in A Fairy

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Every year for the past 25 years we’ve gone to what used to be called  Marshall Fields (now Macy’s) in downtown Chicago typically  the day after Thanksgiving. In recent years, since Lover Boy and I moved 900 miles away, the day has changed a bit depending on when we are back home in Illinois…but we’ve never missed and hopefully never will.

The day always starts out by waking up early, running around like chickens with their heads cut off by everyone trying to get showers, dressed and out of the door to catch the Metra commuter train to Chicago by usually 8 o’clock in the freezing morning. However, this year we drove back from SC the night leading into Christmas Eve. Lover Boy drove the entire way (I always offer my succor but usually start to fall asleep 2 minutes after I take the wheel -hmmm, is it because I’m really tired or I just don’t want to drive??…the mystery remains!) — so my kind husband refuses to let me drive! But I do believe he had the better chore this year because I had to squish my large rear end in between two carseats in the middle seat and take care of two children who didn’t really feel like riding in the car for 17 hours AND three smelly dogs behind us! I didn’t sleep either. (I had it worse, didn’t I?!?) 😉 Anyway we arrived in IL literally two minutes too late to catch the 8am train. So we decide we’ll catch the 9am train…as our life story goes we are late for everything, why make the exception for this day? We pull up as the train is leaving the station. So we took the 10am. DOG GONE IT!

Once we catch the train and end up downtown the day is always full of fun family traditions! One being that we always eat at the Walnut Room. There is a Fairy Godmother who graces each table with her angelic appearance and grants one wish to each guest. I have never cashed in my wishes because I knew one day in my ripe old life there would be a time I really needed my wish to come true…and I think that time has finally come! 25 years of built up wishes NEED to come true this weekend. I repeat needs to!  I’ll tell you this it should come true this weekend IF and only IF there really is a Fairy Godmother.

My wish was…

are you ready?…

really really really ready?

OK here it is…


Exhibit A

All of our garage items, boxes we didn’t want to tackle at a particular moment, stuff that was supposed to be left at the old house but the movers packed anyway, and hopefully the items that we have still not “found” yet from the move. Believe me, the garage has something of everything under the sun in it…even dog pee from where Harley decided to make something yesterday (grrr!)

Exhibit B


So I repeat my wish again…hm hmm Fairy Godmother listen up!!! Don’t make me clean my garage. Please just come and wave your magic wand and do it for me…and while you’re at it please scoop up all of the dog poop in the backyard!!

Exhibit C...must I keep going...oh yes!
By now you're feeling my pain aren't you?
Dear God where did all of this junk come from!?!?!
You're saying a prayer right now that the Fairy Godmother is true for my sake I know!!

Thank You Fairy Godmother…I know you’re real, I do, I do!!


*Your very believing Little Sparrow

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