Back-To-School Teacher’s Gift

Both of my big kiddos had “Meet Your Teacher” day at Preschool today! Because I enjoy giving gifts, overloading my schedule and being “that mom”, sucking up, I made each of their teachers and assistant teachers a little gift. It’s actually the same thing I made Little Finch’s teachers for the end of the school year at our old school before we moved.

Back to School Teacher's Gifts

I made Strawberry Oatmeal Bread and wrapped it in wax paper, plastic wrap and plain wrapping paper. I then tied it off with curling ribbon, apple pencils and little cards I made out of…any guesses??…paint chips! Yep, I’m so that person at Lowes and Home Depot taking billions of color samples 🙂 They come in handy all of the time!

Back to School Teacher's Gifts

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Each of my kiddos shyly gave their teachers their goodies!

Do you give your kid’s teachers Back-To-School gifts? If so, what do you give?

I’d love for you to PIN these little treats!

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