Chevron Bubble Wreath DIY Tutorial

I had the inkling to make a new wreath for my front door so I headed up to my craft room and grabbed a bunch of extra or scrap supplies and created this beauty! A Chevron Bubble Wreath! It was so easy to make!! Check out how you can make one too!


Let me show you how EASY it was to make so you can make one too!


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This is a great foam wreath form to use!

I totally recommend this pack of chevron fabric samples! They are already cut in 5″ squares…so you could cut them into smaller squares or use them as they are!


1) Start by cutting your fabric into 4×4 inch squares

2) Lay one piece of fabric down wrong side up

3) Fold in half

4) Tuck in the corner on the right and pinch

5) Tuck in the corner on the left and pinch (should look like this)

6) Place a pin in the bottom


7) Adhere the chevron bubbles to the wreath in any pattern you would like using the straight pins

8) Fill as much of the wreath as you would like with chevron bubbles


9) Cut 3″ panels of fabric of choice – I used burlap

10) Attach to the wreath on the wrong side with multiple straight pins

11) Wrap the fabric around the wreath form in an angle making sure to cover all of the exposed foam. Using several straight pins adhere the end of the burlap to the wreath and trim any excess fabric


12) I used spray glue adhesive to attach more chevron fabric to a letter I had. By using a pair of scissors or an exacto knife trim off any excess fabric


And there you have it! Super easy! Super cheap! (free for me in this case because I had all of the supplies). Hang and admire your awesome work!

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