A Smile that Came Through The Mail

Lover Boy has been blessed to have amazing grandparents.

His grandparents were really involved in his life and always attended football games, band concerts, boy scout events, and the usual birthdays, holidays, etc. He even would go with them to Wisconsin for trips during the summer to spend at their getaway camper/trailer. (That is actually where LB and I went for a getaway over 4th of July weekend 8.5 years ago and rekindled our short lived high school romance…and have been back together ever since!)

Three of my four grandparents had all passed away when I was really really young. My only surviving grandparent, My Grandma remarried and moved to Wisconsin when I was young too so we didn’t live close. Therefore, I never had the typical “grandparent/grandchild relationship”. I think that has played a role in it being so easy for me to move 1,000 miles away from home…although I do wish that my kids could see their grandparents more regularly I am not accustomed to the whole see your parents/grandparents all of the time.

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Lover Boy’s grandma passed away 1 month before Little Finch was born. And although Grandma isn’t there to write out the cards, etc. Grandpa hasn’t skipped a beat! He is 89 years old and is religious about sending all of us birthday cards, anniversary cards, holiday cards, etc. Yesterday his Christmas card came in the mail and it really made my day. I knew I had to share it with all of you because this time of year is stressful and if in any way I can make you smile then I have accomplished my good deed for the day! 🙂

First I laughed because of his crazy spelling!! He’s not mispelling…that’s just really the way he spells my name and his! haha (LB’s dad does the same thing!)

Then I laughed really hard because of his P.S. statement. “fits you people”…he has a really dry, funny humor. And really, this card does fit us! We have three dogs and they typically do send out their own Christmas cards to their doggie friends! (we’re doing New Years cards this year for all of you wondering where they are!)

Hope you have a wonderful day and are way more prepared for Christmas than I am (we have 6 grown adults coming for 1+ weeks) and I’ve got to get this butt in gear!



  1. The “you people” is flippin’ hilarious. I love it!

  2. I agree. What a great sense of humour. Great share.

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