5 Creative Ways to Gift Wrap Presents

Why wrap your presents in the same ol’ boring way? Try something new this holiday season with these creative ways to gift wrap your presents! From using recycled materials to greenery, there are plenty of options to explore. I’ve got you covered with ideas for everyone on your list.

The holidays are a time for giving, and what better way to show your loved ones how much you care than by wrapping their presents in a unique and special way? This year, try out some of these creative gift wrapping ideas!

For the eco-friendly folks on your list, try using recycled materials like newspapers, magazines, or even maps. You can also use brown paper bags or kraft paper to create a rustic look.

If you want to go the traditional route, wrap your presents in festive Christmas paper or bows. You can also use greenery like holly leaves, pine cones, or evergreen branches. This adds a touch of natural beauty to your gifts.

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No matter what route you choose, those receiving gifts from you will be super excited!

5 Creative Ways To Gift Wrap Presents | Gathered In The Kitchen

Keeping with the theme of my Blue and White Christmas decor ideas, today I’m sharing 5 creative ways to wrap your gifts!

We’ve all heard the age old saying “it’s all about presentation”. Just like eating food, you get a little more excited about trying something new if it is presented in a way that is appealing and exciting. Same goes with gifts.

There was a little shop in the town we used to live in in Georgia. They gift wrapped ALL of their items the same way with colorful tissue paper, curling ribbon and a cellophane bag. At several gift swaps that I had gone to over the years…which item do you think was always picked first? The ones from this little shop because the gift wrapping was SO cute! It made you think that the item inside was going to be even better! So, take a few extra seconds to put a little more thought in the way you wrap your gifts this year!

blue and white gift wrapped boxes

1. Pick Your Wrapping Paper

Sticking with your color scheme, wrap your gifts in coordinating colors. Keep the wrapping paper simple and go elaborate on the embellishments!

Think outside of the box here, what else can you wrap a gift with? Here are some of my favorite options; white wrapping paper, patterned tissue paper, brown paper bags colored on by the kids, and newspaper!

2. Embellishments

I like to think of gift packages as a cake. A simple frosting topped with beautiful designs, sprinkles, frosting, etc. In this case, the frosting is the wrapping paper and the frosting, etc are the ribbons, bows, ornaments, gift tags, etc put on top of the package to dress it up.

Swap out stick on gift bows for ribbon, twine or jute rope.

package gift wrapped with twine and greenery

3. Boxes

We all have a stash of Amazon boxes, shoe boxes, old cell phone boxes, etc. laying around, what better way to use them than for wrapping up our gifts! Not only does this allow you to repurpose those boxes before they hit the recycle bin, it makes your gifts look more uniform with dimension!

4. Presentation/Display

If your gifts are going under the Christmas tree, arrange them largest in the back and smallest in the front. If you are gifting single items to teachers, friends, neighbors, etc. place the gifted item in a basket or tray. Use a cellophane gift bag to close everything in and tie it off with a big bow! Check out my post for how to make perfect bows, every single time!

5. Personalized Gift Tags

Don’t forget the card or gift tag! With personalized gift tags you can add a special touch to any present. Try your hand at cutting out a piece of colored cardstock into the shape of a pine tree or an ornament. Use a glitter pen to write their name and tie it on with colored bakers twine.

Happy gift wrapping and giving, friends!

Blue and White Christmas decor ideas

So, this holiday season, break out of the gift-wrap box (pun intended!) and try something new. With so many creative options to choose from, your presents will stand out under the tree!

Whether you’re looking for something simple or want to get a little more elaborate, there are plenty of options to choose from. So why not try something new this year? I hope these ideas have inspired you to get crafty with your gift wrapping. Check out my 7 tips for a stress-free Christmas, and happy wrapping!

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