Super Easy Grilled Pork Chops

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I just got done going through pictures on one of my memory cards – it’s a 4GB so it holds a butt load of photos (pardon my french). Apparently I have a lot of updating to do! I am so behind in showing you guys what we’ve been eating! I assure you there are some really simple and tasty meals coming your way!

First I want to start off with these super easy grilled pork chops I made the night before Lover Boy went to Illinois to pick up his Harley Davidson. I was kind of being silly and decided to make a nice meal in case it was his last with us…I’m so gruesome! But ya know, a wife is supposed to worry about her husband. Especially when he rides a motorcycle 925 miles by himself in 19 hours through the mountains and lonely  backroads. Lover Boy was not thrilled by that comment by any means. “Oh well” I told him (I’m so sweet) and said “just eat” 🙂 Good thing the food was good because it quickly made him forget how dumb I was being!

I made them along side Lemon Zest Broccoli and Oven Roasted Red Potatoes…yum. yum. yum!!

Here’s how I made the pork chops.

I brushed two pork chops (that had a good bit of marble-white parts) with EVOO

I then dusted them with salt and lemon pepper

I placed them seasoned side down on a medium hot grill and then seasoned the top side with salt and lemon pepper

Cook them until done (use two forks and pull apart the meat to see if the inside is cooked or not). Pink with pork = not good.

Look at all of that yummy juice! Ohh they were so good! Wish I had more pork chops in the fridge because this would so be for dinner again tonight!

Super Easy Grilled Pork Chops
Recipe Type: Pork
Author: Stephanie Bruce
Super Easy Grilled Pork Chops ready in no time!
  • pork chops
  • EVOO
  • salt (to taste)
  • lemon pepper (to taste)
  1. Brush pork chops with EVOO
  2. Dust with salt and lemon pepper to taste
  3. Place on medium high heat grill seasoned side down
  4. Repeat step #2 on top side of pork chops
  5. Grill until cooked all of the way through
  6. Enjoy!



  1. Carolyn Herron says:

    They all look so yummy! Happy Easter!

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