Step-By-Step Guide to Poaching Apples

Ever wondered about the best apples for poaching recipes? Dive into my super easy step-by-step guide to poaching apples and unlock delightful dessert secrets! This is the perfect poached apple recipe for beginners!

Step by step guide to poaching apples

Recipe Inspiration

I had never heard of poached apples ever in my life…until my mother-in-law and I went out to lunch at my favorite local coffee shop. On the menu there was an open faced toast “sandwich” that had poached apples and sweetened ricotta, I immediately had to choose it. It just sounded so interesting!

So, I happily and inquisitively ordered this poached apple toast and was pleasantly surprised! It was really good! I came home and knew I had to recreate the recipe in my own kitchen!

Biting into a poached apple is a treat. They’re soft yet hold their shape, sweetened just right from the sugar water. The smell is warm and inviting, reminding you of cozy fall days. Every bite is a mix of sweet flavors and smooth textures that make you want another.

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For comparison purposes, poached apples are very similar to baked apples! Sweet, tender and filled with deliciousness!

How To Poach Apples In Sugar Water

Step 1: Select your apples. I used Empire apples because they have a great taste and a firm texture.

Step by step guide to poaching apples

Step 2: Peel the skin off of the apples using a vegetable peeler

Step by step guide to poaching apples

Step 3: Core the center of the apple.

I was too lazy to grab my apple peeler/corer out of my top kitchen cabinet, so I used a sharp pairing knife to cut out the center. Easy peasy!

Step by step guide to poaching apples

Step 4: Bring 1 cup of granulated sugar and enough water to cover the apples to a boil in a pot

Pro Tip: adjust the sugar based on the tartness of the apple or personal preference.

Step by step guide to poaching apples

Step 5: Carefully add the cored apples one by one to the boiling water using tongs

Step by step guide to poaching apples

Step 6: Cook for 5 minutes on each side (flipping/turning the apples over at 5 minutes)

How to Poach Apples  in boiling sugar water

Step 7: Place on a plate and let the sweet water drain off

Place on a plate and let the sweet water drain off

Allow the apples to cool slightly and then slice into as thick or thin of pieces as you’d like! Serve them up in your favorite dessert or with ice cream…or on toast!

Poached Apples with Ricotta Cheese on Toast | Gathered In The Kitchen

Thanks for diving deep into this apple journey with me! Poached apples are so delicious and boast the amazing flavors of fall!

Their soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture combined with their subtly enhanced natural sweetness makes them an exquisite treat that stands out from other apple dishes. Not only are they delectably delicious, but the aroma while poaching fills your home with a scent that’s both nostalgic and comforting.

If you’ve never tried them, you’re in for a delightful revelation. So, why not give this recipe a go? Trust me, once you’ve tasted these perfectly poached apples, you’ll wonder why you waited so long. Drop your experiences and thoughts in the comments below. Until next time, happy cooking and indulging!

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