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My mom, dad, sister and niece are in town from Illinois visiting this week because tomorrow is Little Finch’s 3rd birthday. Yesterday, September 12th, in an effort to do something fun, we rode up the street two miles to our beautiful lake, Lake Murray. We planed on swimming, playing in the sand, getting suntans…you know, the things that you typically do when you are on the water.

I pulled into the park and was greeted with this sign:


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My northern relatives broke out in laughter. The kind of laughter where you hope you don’t pee your pants. This sign brought about the comical relief  that was needed after a stressful morning of trying to get 3 kids, 4 adults and 3 dogs ready.

I feel that it is my duty as a Northerner turned Southerner that I share with you the differences in weather understanding.

NORTHERN Point of View SOUTHERN Point of View
93 degrees – “It’s fricken hot” 93 degrees – “Ahh, it’s starting to cool off!”
September – “You wusses! It’s still summer down here” September – “Finally getting to the point where it’s enjoyable to be outside”
April – “Wow! April? We still have snow on the ground then!” April – “Boy we’re sure glad those two months of cold are over!”

I guess that those two days of temperatures in the high 80’s last week constituted the start of winter down here in sunny South Carolina!

Thinking of other fun things to do now…

*Little Sparrow


  1. That is supremely hilarious and a bit unbelievable from my perch in Canada, lol.

  2. Your South Carolina weather sounds like my California weather! We never have snow in my area and it only rains in the winter months. Even then, it’s not much to brag about. I had to laugh when my sister mentioned that she had to put away her summer clothes and get out the winter ones! OMG… I can’t believe I ever did that! We just pretty much the same stuff year around. I don’t even own a coat. For cooler days, I have a sweatshirt that keeps me toasty and warm!! Too bad you guys didn’t get to go play in the water!

    1. I know! I think the same thing too…”crazy that I ever put up with that crazy cold weather!”. It did snow here twice last year, both lasting one week, which was great! I miss the typical iconic Christmas snow but am so glad that I don’t have to bundle my kids beyond belief just to go to the mailbox! There are definitely some advantages to the warmer weather!

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