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In this video I will share how to achieve the paint pour technique on furniture. I found this dresser on the side of the road and cleaned it up, painted the base and sides and then used the paint pour technique on the drawers. It’s absolutely beautiful and such a fun accent piece!

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As many of you know, our 1886 Victorian house was struck by lightning and caught fire. We haven’t bene able to live in our house for three months now…and won’t be able to move back in until 10-12 months after the construction is started (p.s. it hasn’t started yet ?)

After our entire house was cleared out (p.s. we had only moved there 3 months prior!!), everything left in the house was considered a “total loss”. Many of the items were my solid wood furniture. Depending on the condition they were in, I either pitched them (think worst case scenario!!) or hauled them to a storage unit…in hopes to make them over by cleaning them, sealing the smoke damage smells and refinishing them (like these shelves) for our temporary living situation.

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I was so excited when I was driving back to the apartment from our storage unit one day with a tall boy dresser I had saved from the fire and saw a beautiful french provincial dresser sitting on the side of the road!! It literally matched the style of the tall boy I had in the back end of my van. I quickly unloaded my dresser in the garage and drove back to the curbside to pick up the freebie dresser! I was so nervous doing this as the only time I ever saved furniture from the side of the road was when we were in college and I was driving back to my apartment and saw two (also) french provincial nightstands on the side of the road…I called my amazing fiancé at the time and asked him to go pick them up for me because I was too embarrassed! haha…p.s. we still have them all these years later (14!!) and use them in our room! I walked up to the door of the house and asked the lady if she was really getting rid of it! HAHA!! #chicken She was so nice and assured me I could take it!



Video Tutorial

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Products Used

Drop Cloth:
Dusty Blue:
Antebellum Blue:
Manatee Gray:
Teal: I can’t remember what the color was and due to the fire the lid was ruined.

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  1. jessica evanson says:

    i have this same exact set that we got from a neighbor i would love to see it white washed or painted.

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