Easter Topiaries

Topiaries seem to be the hot decor item this Easter. I’ve been seeing them everywhere! They are all over blogland and in catalogues. I decided to make them with Little Finch rather than buy already made ones. I’m a sucker for doing crafts with my girlie! All of our items were purchased at the dollar store so this project was really cheap and lots of fun! Hope you enjoy them!

What to see how we made them?

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We used 5″ floral foam balls
Cut foam balls in half using a sharp knife. I placed it in a small bowl so the “crumbs” of the foam wouldnt get everywhere
Hot glue the foam to the rim of your flower pots
Spread regular glue all over the foam ball
Dont be shy – use your finger to really spread it everywhere
Top with craft moss (I wouldnt really recommend the stuff from the dollar store, it was really stiff and hard to get it to lay the way we wanted)
Top with whatever you want – We found these at the dollar store and thought they looked Spring-y
I had one egg S&P shaker left (*see link below for that craft project) and thought it would look Easter-y on top of the topiary. I took out the bottom plug of the shaker and cut a dowel rod about 5″ long. I wrapped the bottom in a paper towel
Wrap tightly
Shove it in the bottom hole. I didnt want to hot glue the stick in there in case I ever decide to use this shaker again
And there you have it!

Have you made any crafts for Easter this year? If so, share them with us!

Happily Crafting,

*Little Sparrow

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