DIY Repurposed Window to Hook Board

DIY Repurposed Window to Hook Board

About a month ago I wanted to spruce up our laundry room. As I was racking my brain for ideas I remembered our friends in Ohio (one of our groomsmen). On a trip back North about 4 years ago for another friend’s wedding (one of our bridesmaids) we stayed at their house that they had just built. I loved every inch of their house, the decorations were simply perfect…all of the way down to their towel hook in their bathroom (which I asked about two years later and they thought I was a psycho for remembering such strange details!) They had decorated their laundry room in an Americana theme. Which I have always loved.

Fortunately, we had a few bigger items that went along with the Americana theme because back in college, Lover Boy and I had bought a few pieces to decorate our apartment. So I began with these inspirational pieces:

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This came from a shop in the Toledo, OH mall that was all local artist’s craft stuff!

It’s actually a piece of metal, rippled, and painted. Framed with old barn wood.

This American flag was bought from the same store and is painted on an old window. Only the glass window was replaced with wood. In college and our first home we had this hanging in our family rooms and our guests always loved this piece and asked where we got it. Although it no longer fits the decor style of our family room, I’m so happy that it has found its new home in the laundry room! (It’s actually really big! I think it fits perfect filling up the space to the top of our 9″ ceilings.

In the near future I am going to be working on some projects to get “hide” all of the necessary junk that belongs in a laundry room. But in the mean time this is what it looks like above the washer and dryer…will be along the lines of coke bottle crate that I bought to go in there.

I wanted another bigger piece to fill the other side of the door leading to the kitchen so I went on the hunt for an old window. After a little bargaining I bought ALL three of these windows for $5!!!! at ‘His House’ donation center. I was sooo stoked since all of the windows I found before they were charging $20+ EACH and were in horrible shape!

I used one of the white windows for the project for the laundry room (I’ll show you in a later post how I used the big wood grain frame in our guest room!)

I used an razor blade to cut away at the yucky caulk on the one side of the window (that was obviously the outdoor side of the window).

I then wiped it all down with a rag and window cleaner.

Then I piped in a new line of clear Window & Door caulk that we had in the garage from our old house.

I then added hooks that I had bought for a previous project but never used. They were white so I spray painted them bronze. I predrilled the holes with a drill bit that was about the size of the screw on the back of the hook.

I hung this star (remember it from the inspirational pieces? this was also one of them. I bought this back in college as well at Goodwill for $2) on the top window latch.

I used this Atlas jar that I had bought an estate sale. I hung it with an old piece of rope that we had lying around in the garage. (A few weeks earlier when straightening the garage I got on Lover Boy’s case for not throwing stuff away, this rope in particular was one of the items I complained about. Funny how things like that come around and bite ya in the rear! 😉 )

I attached two sawtooth hooks on the back and hung it on the wall. I LOVE it! It fills the space just like I was hoping it would!

What do you guys think?

(Sweet sign made by Little Finch almost a year ago now!! I just can’t pull it down! ahh! I’m just like LB when it comes to getting rid of things apparently…guess we’re perfect for each other! 🙂 )

Happy Friday!


*Little Sparrow 


  1. This looks fantastic, love everything about it! You did such a great job.

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