Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

The month of May is Teacher Appreciation Week! Lets make our teachers feel special and shower them with little, inexpensive but fun gifts for a week long…as a thank you for loving on our little boogers through the day! 

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I have been blessed beyond measure with having wonderful teachers for each of my children throughout all of the years. We are at schools I honestly thank God for each day. I know that my kids are being pushed to their educational limits and being loved on by their amazing teachers. I honestly get all teary every time I go into my 3rd graders class and her teacher (who is way younger than me) says “I love you Tamaroa” and calls the kids in her class “baby”. (we live in the south and this is a way of loving on kiddos – I’ve fully adapted this into my own lingo!).  It honestly melts my heart and I feel like my kids would never be able to go to any other school! Then there’s my son’s teacher in preschool… she has been way more than a teacher, she’s become a friend. A friend who I just adore. I’m serious, I just love the situation God has put us in.

I know the ladies and gentlemen that my kids are with all day at school, love them and really want the best for them in their overall life…not just the moment they have them in class. Finding this kind of peace is really hard, especially in today’s day. Before my daughter (my oldest kiddo) went to Kindergarten I honestly thought I was going to homeschool her (regardless of the fact that we moved to the area we did based simply off of the school system). I was just so lost. I felt so confused and scared all at the same time. I wasn’t ready to let her go and spend 8 hours with strangers (heck, she really had never even been with a babysitter) nor was I ready for anything that “big kids” may be exposed to. After many months of prayer, freaking out beyond measure, and research, I toured a local charter school (I had no idea what that even meant at the time) that made my every fear go away. I knew this was the place my kids were supposed to be at …so I didn’t kill them or myself homeschooling them every day!! However, the bad thing was, it was a lottery based admission. So I put our name in for a spot in Kindergarten, along with 500 others, and crossed my fingers. The day the lottery numbers were to be announced I was scared to death and afraid to look at the results. But you know, God hears your prayers and knows your fears and wants for you what you want. Our number was drawn!! It was one of the biggest answered prayers I’ve ever asked for!

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We’ve been blessed and I’m forever grateful. So as a way of expressing my love and gratitude I like to help volunteer as Room Mom, organize events and give personalized teacher gifts! I’ve made a week long teacher appreciation guide that I will be using in my kiddos classes and wanted to share them with you all! I have made a couple of different graphics because one size doesn’t fit all! I’ve got you covered for whatever your design preferences are! Enjoy and please share the love by pinning these graphics!

FREE Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Idea Printable
teacher appreciation week ideas

Or maybe you like the flowers…

teacher appreciation week ideas

Or maybe you like apples!!

teacher appreciation week ideas

Plus some other designs!! I’ll let you choose which one is a fit for you!

I’ve made each of these graphics into a printable so you can download them, print them and send them in to school to give to each student. 

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