Pumpkin Pillowcase Dress & Pumpkin Goodie Bags

As I mentioned yesterday, we had Little Finch’s kid birthday party over the weekend. The theme, pumpkins.

At the last minute I decided that I had to make outfits for my kiddos. I hopped on Pinterest and found a cute pumpkin pillowcase dress and boy shirt with a pumpkin tie. So off I went to Hobby Lobby to buy some fabric and got to work.

Pumpkin Outfits:

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I didn’t follow a pattern, I just started cutting and hoped for the best! However, there are tons of videos on Youtube about how to make a pillowcase dress.

Sadly this is the best picture I have of her in the dress! She was just so busy playing and having fun! However, as you can see I used thick soft fabric – I’m not sure what it is technically called but it is found by the baby quilting fabric.

Bozo Buckets: I also bought 5 buckets from the Dollar Tree (which ended up cracking but it was OK) and screwed them down to a piece of wood (so they wouldn’t tip over). We used bean bags for “balls”. The kids had more fun filling the buckets with stones rather than throwing the bean bags! 🙂

As you can see one bucket was already taken off by this point! 🙂

Goodie Bags: Goodie stuffed tissue paper pumpkins. This idea came from Martha Stewart and were really easy to make. I filled them with candy corn bows I made for the girls and candy.

Different sizes depending on how old the little girls were. (The poor boys at the party only got candy!) 

Cut a large enough circle of tissue paper to hold all of your items. Gather the edges to create a stem, wrap in floral tape. -I had put a sucker in the pumpkin so I also wrapped that in the floral tape which made the stem longer. (This pumpkin was a little manhandled by Laughing Coyote…again, I somehow didn’t get a picture of the goodie bags!)

I really had a lot of fun planning and prepping for this party! Do you have a pumpkin themed party coming up? Or school Halloween Party? Maybe some of these ideas would work for you!!

(HERE is the food I served)

Happy party planning!



  1. The pumpkin dress turned out super cute! When I was pregnant with The Kid, I got the grand idea to make all his crib bedding. I used that Minky fabric in a lot of it. Um, HARDEST fabric on the face of the earth to work with!!!!

    1. ahhh! It’s called Minky…thanks!! Yes, DEFINITELY very hard to work with!!! plus it’s really messy when you cut it!!

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