How To Use The Walmart Grocery Pickup App + $10 Coupon

Do you use the Walmart Grocery Pickup app? I’m obsessed…and have been for a long time! I’ve been using this FREE convenience service since I lived in North Carolina and was so happy when it was launched here in our new town in Wisconsin. It just makes my life so much easier! If I go into the store…I get distracted by all of the pretty, shiny, way too fattening end caps and end up buying way more than I need! By using the app, I stick to my list and can compare the prices of items way easier than in the store! When my order is ready, I get a notification, drive to the store and pull up in one of their designated parking spots, open my trunk and they load the groceries for me! Awesome! #momwin If you haven’t tried it yet, here’s a $10 OFF referral code from me to you!

Let Me Show You How To Use It

Step 1: Go to your app store and search for “Walmart Grocery Shopping“. Click download or install.

Step 2: Open app. Set up profile and select your local Walmart store.

Step 3: Start shopping! Add items to your cart. Once you reached a $30 minimum, you can click “checkout“.

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Step 4: Select your date and time of preferred pickup and click “continue“. You will then click “process payment” and you are done!

Step 5: You will receive a text notification when your order is ready for pick up. Click “check in” when you’re ready to head drive to Walmart and pick up your order. You have the option to allow the app to track your location so it notifies the staff when you pull in. Or you can select which parking spot you are parked in in the app once you are there. *Photo from my local Walmart. Every Walmart’s pickup area will look different. Many have covered areas, some just have numbered parking spots.

Step 6: A Walmart employee will come to your vehicle and tell you if there were any substitutions or issues with your order. You will sign their electronic device saying you received your order. Pop open your trunk or car door and they will load all of your groceries for you…and then you’re good to go! Drive home and get cooking some of my favorite & easy dinners!

It is so easy! And such a huge time saver!!! I prefer to place several orders throughout the week that way I don’t have extra groceries sitting around in my fridge or pantry going to waste. It also allows me to use more fresh produce!

Give it a try today! You can use my referral code and both of us will receive a $10 credit! Woot woot! Referral Code:

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