Homemade Doggy Bones

At the very beginning of our Junior year in college, Lover Boy and I decided to buy a Weimaraner puppy. This has been the most impactful (is that a word??) decision we have ever made together, literally. Some may think choosing to get married or having kids may be the things that change your life the most….not in our case. One word sums ours up. HARLEY. If this little man graced your life, you’d be under the same spell…

Baby Harley - 1.5 months old (we were able to bring him home on his 6th week birthday - probably problem #1, too young)

DO YOU SEE THOSE BLUE EYES? How could anyone not be madly in love with him?

We kept quiet and didn’t tell our parents we had dropped a small (at that time in our lives HUGE) fortune on this fur ball. Being 5 hours away from home made keeping him hush hush a piece of cake. (As I’ve mentioned before my ways of rebellion are not “normal”). A couple of weeks later he and I made the 5 hour trek home, riding shotgun in my Mango Jeep Wrangler.

An angel

He cast his spell on our families as well. We were all/still are suckers for this guy.

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Nine months later we decided Harley needed a friend. We spent more time researching and studying a new dog breed than we did of our school work…eh. Lover Boy convinced me of a Boxer. By the looks of them I thought they were mean. But Lover Boy assured me that they were not and that a lot of his research had said that Boxers were on the up of replacing the lab and golden retriever as being the family dog because Boxers were so kid friendly. Sold. It takes very little convincing from Lover Boy for me to conform. He has that power over me. I’m under his love spell.

It was the summer between Junior and Senior year of college. I had gone home to IL to work and Lover Boy stayed in OH because he was a supervisor at UPS (he worked there during college on the night shift). We had found a breeder in IL and I was to go and pick out our new puppy! Such a daunting task!

Meet Bella Rose

Pure beauty

One week after coming home she and I made the trek back to OH to meet daddy and big brother. Harley was so excited to see me (I had been gone 1 week, silly dog) that he chipped my front tooth. Thank God it was in the back of it so you couldn’t tell. (yes I had it fixed ASAP). Baby Bella Rose then stayed “home” with them and I went back to IL, coming back to visit every single weekend.

Our family! Harley almost 2, Bella Rose 2.5 months
2.5 years later we brought home this little stinker, Lovie. Yes, I know we are insane for having 3 dogs.

Yesterday, April 21st, Bella Rose turned 6 years old. Whenever a doggy around here has a birthday we have a big bash. We made her homemade doggy treats. (This recipe is something I created and the dogs love it! Maybe yours will too!)

Want to make these also?

Prepheat oven to 325 degrees

In a large bowl mix together 3 1/2c whole wheat flour and 1/2c powdered milk
Then add in 1/2c beef stock
Add 3c oats
1/2c melted butter
One jar of baby food - I used Sweet Potato Cinnamon
Mix together. It should be really thick
Add in 2 eggs and mix
Feel free to use a hand mixer to help combine ingredients
Add in 1c peanut butter. I add it in by the spoonful and then mix. Repeat
Best if you use your hands for this part because it is really thick
Roll into a ball
Then roll out with a rolling pin about 1" thick
Use cookie cutters to make shapes or spell out words
Bake for 50 minutes at 325 degrees 🙂
Serve doggy bones with doggy ice cream! I promise you will have one happy dog!
Little Finch wrapping Bella's presents
Helping Bella eat her ice cream
Love - Happy 6th birthday big girl!!


  1. It’s really funny- my “rebellion” in college was cats : ) Dave and I got our first cat Bear when I was a junior in college too! We then moved on to dogs when we bought our house- and now have 3 huge dogs, 2 cats, and a baby. People think we’re crazy, but we love our full house! : )

    Can’t wait to try out this recipe!
    This summer our good friend who bred Charlie with her Lucy is hosting a one year birthday party for the 9 puppies. (It will most likely be crazy, but awesome! : ) We were just talking about dog treat & cake recipes, so the timing of your post was perfect. Thanks! : )

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