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I’m so excited to introduce all of you guys to my blogging friend Sarah!! Since we are quickly approaching Thanksgiving she has graciously made a FREE Thanksgiving Planner Printable for all of you! It’s full of AWESOMENESS!!! Even activities for the kiddos on the big day! Check it out!!

It’s a busy time of year! To help combat the chaos that accompany the holidays, I have made a Thanksgiving Day Planner to help keep things organized.

For us, the holidays start in October with my oldest child’s birthday and the celebrations last until mid-March with holidays and more birthdays. That’s six straight months of celebrations! I have to have things planned out otherwise I’d walk around half of the year in a straight jacket!

Thanksgiving Day Planner

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I’m really excited to be sharing this Thanksgiving Day Planner with you. I went all out making sure I had the pages you would need. Those pages include:

Guest List- This page will help you keep track of who you have invited & who has RSVP’d.

Menu- Here you can jot down what you plan on serving. There is plenty of space on the right to write out where the recipe is located and the bullets are able to be used if someone else will be bringing that dish.

Grocery List- When filling out the menu, go ahead and take note of the items you’ll need from the store. Keep this page in your purse so you can pick up the items whenever you are out running errands.

Cleaning List- The first list I have some ideas already written out for you. Feel free to use those as a starting point. The next page is a blank list if you’d rather fill that out yourself. You’ll also notice that, you don’t have to do ALL the work! Have the kids join in as well.

Cooking Schedule- This page will help keep the oven working without it becoming too crowded. There is also space at the bottom to note which dishes could be made a day or two in advance.

Seating Arrangement- Great idea for a kid task, have the kids make placeholders for each guest then give them this page to know where to have each person sit.

Bonus Kid SectionThings happen, the rolls are taking too long or Grandpa & Grandma are stopped by a train… these pages can keep the kids occupied for a few moments while you are busy in the kitchen.


This holiday session is sure to be a hit and by having things planned out, maybe this year will be the year we can relax and enjoy our company. Happy Thanksgiving!

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