Bella Rose’s Hematoma Repair Surgery

Yesterday, our sweet sweet sweet Boxer, Bella Rose underwent Hematoma repair (surgery) on her left ear.

The story is long and complicated and actually just makes me cry, which I’ve done enough of over the last week. However, to make a long story short we took Bella back to Georgia to our old, very trusted Veterinary for the surgery. They know Bella (they repaired her 1st ear Hematoma in 2008), they know us. I know they will do the very best job that they possibly could do, they will make sure my girl comes out of surgery. And that is the most important thing. I need my Bella.

The Vet’s office is nothing to brag about. In fact, looking in from the outside world I would say based on looks that I wouldn’t take my dog there. However, the entire time we lived in GA that is where we went and I can honestly say that I truly appreciate and believe in the Vets there. They are unlike any bunch of Vets you have ever met. They are constantly busy but never cut you short. You experience the goodness of the South there. I love Smalley’s Animal Hospital with my whole heart.

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Bella post surgery. The kids and I dropped her off at 8:30am and then we all picked her back up at 4:30pm and headed back home to SC. She was so happy and excited to see us that she actually walked out of the Vet’s office. Which again, made me all teary eyed. She is such a fighter and literally do anything for me, Lover Boy and the kids. She is the dog that every little kid dreams of having.

I sat with her for a while in the back end while driving helping her lay down and trying to make her as comfortable as possible. She’s truly miserable and in so much pain. Her ear had just been sliced open, drained of blood and fluid, sewn back up, taped backward to her head, has a “headband” on to keep pressure and swelling down and to make sure it ear doesn’t come forward. She’s got a cone on, bandages on her leg from IVs, stitches on her shoulders from different biopsies that they did. Sores all over her body and lip. All I wanted to do was lay with her, hug her, love her, kiss her, whisper in her ear that she’s going to be just fine…but I couldn’t. I’m not allowed to. The Vet gave a diagnosis of Sarcoptic Mange, (a mite typically passed on from dog to dog, although not contracted from Harley or Lovie). At this time we have to undergo two Dip treatments over the next 2 weeks until I can really love on my girl (actually Harley and Lovie now have to undergo the Dip treatments as a precautionary.) My heart was and is breaking into a million pieces. This really hurts.

While we’re not 100% sure of where she picked up this mite, this is most likely the cause of her Hematoma and skin conditions. Excessive itching, scratching and shaking her head because of the little mites biting, burrowing and laying eggs under her skin. (I know this sounds so nasty and makes me feel so trashy). She’s a very sensitive skinned dog and often times has yeast infections due to her immune system not being able to fight off the every day bacterias. (which also explains why Bella is the only one with the symptoms and not Harley & Lovie) plus she’s “predisposed” to Hematomas which made it more likely for her to rupture those vessels again. This mite has wreaked havoc on her though. Lover Boy and I are in just plain out shock. It has progressed so quickly, 6 weeks ago there were no signs any problems.

I will update more on this over the next couple of weeks with pictures and results/findings from both vet visits in SC and GA that we’ve been to over the last 4 weeks. My hope is to be able to help others who’s dogs may end up with the same diagnosis and happen to stumble upon my blog, just as I do with Harley’s EpiscleritisĀ (and here).

Lover Boy and I took an unwritten oath when we bought all 3 of our dogs: to do whatever it takes (within our means) to keep them happy and healthy. To us they are not dogs, they are our kids. Everyone who knows us personally (particularly from college and Georgia) know that this is 150% true.

I’ve always joked that when our doggies do more on to Doggy Heaven, I will need extensive therapy. I think me writing about them is early preparation for that šŸ™‚


  1. Awww, what a rough time for Bella (and you!). We had a dog that had sarcoptic mange as well. He was losing his hair and scratching all the time. I took him to the vet and the young (as in inexperienced) vet told me he had a food allergy. So we changed his food which didn’t help,……long story short — we ended up at the vet on Christmas Eve (right before they closed for 3 days) and the old vet said he could give Frank a shot that would either clear it all up or kill him. Nice. Merry Christmas. Anyway,….good old Frank did just fine, no sign of the mange after that. So, big hugs to Bella and I just know she’ll bounce back great from all of this stress. (big hugs to you too).

    1. oh Terry! Thank you so much for telling me that. I feel so bad that you have gone through this too but at the same time feel so relieved and feel comfort! Bella, has for several years dealt with yeast infections but we do tend to see them flare up more in the spring time. We’ve also talked for years about food allergies, but haven’t found a true culprit yet. Although the skin tests didn’t say she had the mange, the tests that they do by touching the ear, etc basically proves that she has it…and since her immune system is much weaker of a “normal” dog and the quick onset of this she feels it is the mange. Although I’m so sad for her, I’m so happy we have hopefully figured out why the heck she has been literally tearing open her skin these last 6 weeks. Our poor baby dogs!! It’s tough being a doggy mom, huh? šŸ™‚ So glad that Frank got better! That’s such hopefully news for us! šŸ™‚

  2. Nicole Hummel says:

    Best wishes to your furry kid! I definitely appreciate you sharing this story in case anything like this happens to one of our dogs- I had never heard of any of that before, and would have no idea what was going on. Thanks & I hope Bella’s recovery is speedy and smooth!

    1. Thanks so much Nicki! I really appreciate it! I had never heard of any of this before either. I will do my best at updating on her/including “Bella’s story” that I plan to write in to several websites regarding this.

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