30 Years Old!

It’s here! The day I finally turn the big 3-0! So many people I know dreaded turning 30, but me…I’m like totally stoked! I’m actually really looking forward to this whole new decade! I love where I am at in life! I love the possibilities, opportunities and adventures that are yet to come! I love that I get to be on this whole journey of life with such an awesome husband, kids, family and friends! Plain and simple, I’m really blessed.

My 20’s were more than likely the most memorable decade I’ll ever experience in my life. So many major life events happened. So many amazing memories were made. So many incredible experiences were had – the best ones being getting married and having my beautiful 3 children!

For those of you who have been around my blog for a while you may remember that last year on my 29th birthday I wrote a post all about my 20’s to date. Well, I’ve added the last bit to sum it up: the birth of Colton!


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(Beforehand I need to add this major part of my life…)

16 – Started dating Clayton and then broke up because I was way too immature young to realize I had found my Mr. Right

19 – Came to my senses and got back together with Clayton 🙂


OK now we can start my 20’s…

20 – We brought home Harley

21We got engaged

21 – We brought home Bella Rose

22 – We graduated College from The University of Toledo, Ohio


– We were moved to Dublin, Georgia after graduation for Clayton’s job

23We got married

– I started working at my first job as a Recreational Therapist

23 – We brought home Lovie

23We bought our first house

24 – Tamaroa was born

– I “retired” from working and became a full-time stay at home mommy!!! 🙂

26Brayden was born

– We were transferred for Clayton’s job and sold our Georgia home and moved to Lexington, South Carolina

26We bought our second home

– We were transferred for Clayton’s job again and sold our South Carolina home and moved to Denver, North Carolina

28 – We bought our third home (eek, I need an updated photo of it, this was from when we were looking at it) 🙂

28 – Our sweet sweet Bella Rose went to Heaven

29 – Colton was born!


The best part is every single thing that I’ve been through in this decade has been with/because of my wonderful husband!!

3 dogs, 3 houses, 3 kids, 7 years of marriage (in December), our love for insane traveling, renovating, crafting and not to mention all that comes with Clayton’s job as well as him being in the process of getting his MBA = busy life! There has not been a single dull moment! I’m so looking forward to the next decade being filled with just as many awesome memories!!

Here’s to being 30!!!


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