Lego KidsFest

Lego KidsFest came to Charlotte, NC and we had the great opportunity to attend it! Our kids were super excited to go and couldn’t wait to get building!

lego kidsfest8

The event took place at the Charlotte Convention Center downtown Charlotte.

charlotte convention center

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lego kidsfest15

lego kidsfest1

Immediately we were greeted by this super cute Lego man!

lego kidsfest10

There were so  many figurines built out of Legos that it was pretty incredible! I kept thinking about who has the patience to build these things?!?!

lego kidsfest11 lego kidsfest2 lego kidsfest3

lego kidsfest12

lego kidsfest7

lego kidsfest13

lego kidsfest18lego kidsfest19

lego kidsfest21

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lego kidsfest20

lego kidsfest23

lego kidsfest22

kids legofest8

Disney Leo Princess zonelego kidsfest24lego kidsfest4

There were Challenge Centers set up throughout the exhibit. The challenges all varied, but they were all about building with creativity and utilizing various pieces from different Lego collections.

lego kidsfest14

This challenge was really neat. You were grouped in teams of 5. In a relay form, one person at a time ran down and dug through a bin of purple Legos (moon rocks) and searched for pieces of the rocket ship that we were to build. Once all of the 5 pieces were collected you were to assemble them together and then run it back down to the moon rocks and crash!


At the end of each challenge they were given a Lego pack as a prize!lego kidsfest9

There were stations all over for kids to work with Legos and create whatever they wanted.

lego kidsfest16

This is a board full of kid-crafted Lego badge designs!

lego kidsfest28

Another fun building station!lego kidsfest5

An art exhibit featured Lego markers which the kids had a blast coloring with!

lego kidsfest26

lego kidsfest26

This was the Duplo section for the tiny Lego enthusiasts!

All in all the Lego exhibit was really incredible. The displays were so fun to look at and admire. The centers and challenges were great for keeping kids engaged and to have the opportunity to play with Legos sets that they may not have! I would highly recommend going to the nearest Lego KidsFest to you! Your kids will love it! You can find the nearest Lego KidsFest to you by clicking HERE.








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