D – Devotion

Welp, today is the 4th day in the A-Z Blogging Challenge and I was planning on writing about Diabetes. However, I honestly just couldn’t find the motivation to do it. I have all the info ready to go but seriously just couldn’t get my fingers to type it out.

All day I’ve been thinking about how maybe I’ll just write about “Didn’t Do Letter D“…afterall, there’s 2 D’s in that (technically 3) but yeah, that’s just boring also. So…while driving home from the Charlotte Bobcat’s Basketball game tonight I got to thinking about my Mom and how I really appreciate her. Her initials are DD…so double plus for me! But then I got to thinking about my Dad and thought well that’s another D, score! Then my brain spiderwebbed even more (have I ever mentioned that I have serious spiderwebbing issues?!?!) Anywho, I was thinking about their Devotion to us kids.

My parents – Out of all of the ‘parents’ I know they are the most unselfish people when it comes to my siblings and I.

There’s no doubt that I am my parent’s child.

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(I hate that this photo is blurry…but I really like it, for more reasons than I’ll go into on here)

-My creativity comes 100% from my Mom. She is so stinkin’ crafty/creative it’s insane. Growing up she was always doing something (not the cheap-o crappy stuff that I like to waste my time doing half of the time, lol).

-My Mom quit working when I was born and was a full-time SAHM my whole life. She was always available, always helping out, always making us kids be on our top game (she made us walk a tight line). She was Room-Mom (like myself) and was always there to bail us kids out when we waited til the last minute to do our homework or projects (which I will totally be honest, happened way more than it should have! Seriously, why didn’t I ever learn my lesson? I was always the worst!) My Mom never left us out to  hang and/or not look prepared. She’d stay up all night finishing our stuff, creating adorable Valentine’s Day cards, you name it. This continued into College as well…however, at this point I was more embarrassed than thankful, lol. Even though I’m 30 years old now, she still will always back me up, help me or bail me out (aka when I take on 900 too many commitments!) 🙂

-She is by far the most outstanding Grandma to my kids in the entire world. I, unfortunately didn’t grow up with Grandparent involvement. They had either died (3 out of the 4) when I was reallllllly young or lived far away. My Mom always felt bad for us kids because so many of our family friends had super strong Grandparent involvement. Although we live over 800 miles away from “home”, my parents make the absolute best efforts ever to be involved in my kid’s lives. They have never missed anything, and I mean even down to the half way stupid little things. My Mom spoils them beyond the point of spoiling. She doesn’t do it to make them snotty, she does it because she truthfully loves giving. She thinks about them all of the time. Every store she ever walks into she walks out with stuff for my kids…and of course my kids,  just think it’s the greatest thing in the world! You can honestly see how special they feel when they receive their million goodies (from clothes to toys to just special snacks that she knows they’d like – she thinks of EVERYTHING). Plus, they love telling others about the things Grandma did for them. I guess since I never had that opportunity to brag about what my Grandparents did for me, I love hearing my kids do it.


On the other hand I have my Dad, who is seriously the Dad of every little girl’s dreams. He just was and still is a class act Dad. I mean really. I don’t even know how else to say it, but my Dad rocked. He worked hard for us, never once complained and made sure that us kids had every single opportunity we could ever dream of. He was always so involved with us. He, my sister and I were apart of the YMCA’s Indian Princesses program (along the lines of girl/boy scouts but a million times cooler!!) Those memories are my absolute favorite memories from childhood (in fact, Lover Boy and I named our daughter after our Indian Princesses Tribe name). Us kids were his pride and joy. He chronicled everything. EVERYTHING! He was always behind his camera or video camera capturing our lives. Which I’m so thankful he did. I have always loved having “family movie nights” watching us grow up!

-I most definitely take after him in many ways as well. My ability to figure things out, create, build, reason all come from him. He’s always been a genius to me. He knows how to do everything in the handyman sense. There’s never been anything he can’t do. I was always so proud of this.

-He most definitely  set the bar super high, well pretty much out of reach for most of the guys out there. Fortunately, I got super lucky. Lover Boy is very much like my dad. 🙂

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Clayton's 24th Birthday (38)

Our family…before the two Son-In-Laws were “technically Son-In-Laws” and all of the Grandkids (5) were born

Both of them have totally Devoted their lives to my siblings and I as well as all of the grandkids. We are all so lucky to have them.

I am so guilty of taking them both for granted, like always. Since I pretty much grew up in a bubble and never really experienced anything difficult I don’t know how good I actually have it. But when I really think about it, like tonight, I am floored with how blessed and fortunate I really am. I really did a great job picking such awesome parents (and grandparents)! hehe

Tamaroa's Birth - Dad's Camera 404


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  1. Oh devotion is so needed and some people do not have this and may not understand how much they miss out on. My parents were devoted to us and to each other. My father passed away when I was 23(he was 75). My mom now has dementia (she had a bad brain injury when she was young) and I need to give back what she always gave to me. When I go to the home there are some people there that never have anyone visit and that is sad.

  2. Kristin Smith says:

    Aww, Stephanie, I love this post about your parents! They truly do sound amazing! Thank you for sharing this personal part of your life. I loved the pictures! 🙂

  3. Ohh Birgit I’m so sorry. You are so sweet and your mom is so fortunate to have you recognize that! I completely know what you mean that there are some people who just never get visited…I worked in long term care before being a full-time stay at home mom and I saw that on a daily basis…and always tried to fill that gap for them 🙂

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