Rub ‘n Buff Gold Colors

Not sure which Rub ‘n Buff gold color to use? Here is each color tested and a side-by-side comparison of the top gold choices.

This amazing product comes in 12 different metallic colors and is easily applied to many surfaces.

To learn how to use Rub ‘n Buff, I have written a detailed post about What Is Rub ‘n Buff? | How To Use that is a great reference point for beginners and experienced crafters!

How To Use

I love gold, however, I’m not always able to find an item I like in the shade gold I prefer. Sometimes the gold is too brassy, or too shiny or even too yellow. That’s where Rub ‘n Buff comes in and saves the day! I can modify or completely change the look of something by adding a little bit of this metallic wax to it.

When To Use

In the gold color family, there are five beautiful options. Each one unique in their own way. Some have pigments that are lighter, some are darker, while some are more brassy or red toned. My all-time, go-to favorite, is Antique Gold.

Rub ‘n Buff Gold Colors

Antique GoldGold LeafEuropean GoldGrecian GoldAutumn Gold

Rub ‘n Buff Gold Colors

Rub ‘n Buff Gold Color Comparison

Gold Leaf

European Gold

Autumn Gold

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