Rub 'n Buff


What is Rub 'n Buff?

The original wax metallic finish! Formulated from carnauba waxes, fine metallic powders, and select pigments, for a finish no paint can duplicate. It comes in a little tube and is similar to a shiny, textured paste.

What Surfaces Can Rub 'n Buff Be Used On?

The paste can be used on painted surfaces, metal, wood, ceramics, plastic, glass, metal and more. It's easy to apply and can completely transform any item in a matter of minutes! I love to use it on antiques, frames, crafts and home decor.

Color Options

There are 12 different metallic colors to choose from!

How To Apply and Use

Choose your color – Prepare your item. Ensure that it is clean and the surface is dry. Rub 'n Buff can be applied to painted surfaces, metal, wood, ceramics and more – Using your finger, a soft cloth or Q-tip, gently apply the paste in a rubbing fashion to your item – Buff with a soft cloth for more shine. Light circular motions work best.

Drying Time

Once applied, it dries fairly quickly to the touch. If the finish is not as dark/thick as you'd like, apply another coat.


As you can see, the colors are GORGEOUS! Every color has such a unique look to it!

DIY Inspiration

Perfect for the DIYer who wants to update items on the cheap!

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