Vegan Birthday Chocolate Cake

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  1. Good Morning,,, I seen you on WBTV 3 this morning, I also looked your Facebook page. It’s awesome !!!!!!! I do have quick question for your GLUTEN FREE RECIPE’S I found that a lot of gluten free are made with ( EGG’S ). Which I have an EGG ALLERGY.. I do find it very hard to find really yummy recipes that are gluten free with no eggs. Other then VEGAN, which are gluten and dairy free. I was wondering if you had any suggestions regarding substitutes that I can use in place of eggs in the gluten free recipes???? Thank you for taking the time to answer my question……. Have a great day and weekend. Happy mother’s day

    1. Hi Kathleen! Thanks so much for watching me on TV and for following along!! …and your sweet comments! As far as egg free recipes – there are a bunch – in fact, you may like this Pinterest group . I would search that for yummy suggestions! Have you ever tried the egg substitutes found in the grocery section near the eggs? Or these egg substitutes from Bob’s Red Mill may be the perfect solution!!

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